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Water Conservation and Demand Management in the Agricultural Sector

Irrigation accounts for 50% of the total water use in South Africa. The application of water conservation and demand management (WC/DM) principles in the irrigation and farming sector will have a significant effect on the availability of water to other sectors. Protection of water resources will require changes in the approach of water users and regulatory bodies.


Community Development and Environmental Education

Water is a very precious resource which has an impact on all aspects of life! If water conservation is to be successful, we must ensure that both socio- economic and biophysical issues are considered in integrated resource planning processes.


Industry, Mining and Power Generation Sector

The Industry, Mining and Power Generation Programme facilitates the development and implementation of appropriate policies, strategies, projects and initiatives that will promote and institutionalise water conservation and demand management in these important economic sectors. Simultaneously, the programme aims to establish a culture of water conservation in the industrial sector that will ensure optimal and sustainable use of natural resources as well as cost-effectiveness and job creation.


Local Authorities & Water Services Institutions

The Water Services sector is defined as that sector which uses water resources managed by Water Services Authorities. It is an essential sector even though it is estimated at using less than 15% of fresh water resources. Together with the industrial sector, this mostly domestic sector is expected to show the largest future growth in demand because of impacts such as population growth and urbanisation. This places enormous pressure on an already limited resource and therefore requires continuous development of new management practices and infrastructure.