Carrying forward the commitments of Sharm El Sheik on Water and Sanitation: Sprint to the finish

Online Registrations

Welcome to the Online Registration Facility

Dear Delegate

Please note that the on-line Delegate registration facility for the 2nd Africa Water Week is now CLOSED.

However, registrations will still be processed at the venue. On your arrival at the Gallagher Convention Centre, please report to the Registration table where the conference organizers will gladly process your registration and provide the necessary registration references.

Kind Regards,

2nd African Water Week Organizers

Yellow Fever:

In terms of both the South African Department of Health and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and policies pertaining to Yellow Fever, a Vaccination Certificate from travelers over one year of age entering South Africa from yellow fever endemic regions is required. Visitors who travel through or disembark in these Yellow Fever Endemic areas or any other part of Africa are required to be vaccinated against the disease before entering South Africa.

You must be in possession of your yellow fever certificate; failure to being in possession of the certificate will result to your immediate return to your home country.

Travel Insurance

All travelers to the Republic of South Africa are urged to get travel insurance


The working languages are English and French. There will be simultaneous translation of all the sessions.

Further information

2nd Africa Water Week Information Booklet

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