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Stations in WMA 8: Upper Vaal (Gray row indicates station is a dam)
Station PlaceDate/TimeStage (m)Flow/ CapacityRemark
C1E008 RainPhotoBethal rain gauge2015-03-06 00:00No dataRainfall station
C1E009 PhotoErmelo rain gauge2014-08-25 18:00No dataRainfall station
C1E013 Rain Amersfoort rain gauge2015-03-06 00:00No dataRainfall station
C1E014 Rain Standerton rain gauge2015-03-05 01:00No dataRainfall station
C1E015 Rain Vrede rain gauge2015-03-06 06:00No dataRainfall station
C1E016 Rain Memel rain gauge2015-03-06 00:00No dataRainfall station
C1E017 Perdekop rain gauge0001-01-01 00:00No dataRainfall station
C1H006StageData PhotoBlesbok at Rietvley2015-03-06 08:480.78912.06
C1H007StageData PhotoVaal at Bloukop2015-03-06 08:480.3475.35
C1H008StageData PhotoWatervals at Elandslaagte2015-03-06 05:480.4810.18
C1H012StageData PhotoVaal at Gladdedrift2015-03-06 05:480.4522.19
C1H015StageData PhotoKlip at Delangesdrift2015-03-06 04:480.9367.36
C1H017 Vaal at Villiers2014-06-10 08:00No dataNo rating table
C1H019 PhotoOutflow from Grootdraai Dam2013-09-18 14:24No data
C1H019 PhotoOutflow from Grootdraai Dam0001-01-01 00:00No data
C1H019StageData PhotoOutflow from Grootdraai Dam2015-03-06 08:480.3781.39
C1H020 Sasol 2 Canal at Vlakfontein0001-01-01 00:00No data
C1L002 Vaal at Mooiplaats(Camden N2 Road Bridge0001-01-01 00:00No dataNo rating table
C1L003 Vaal at Welgelegen(Origin N17 Bridge)0001-01-01 00:00No dataNo rating table
C1L004 Vaal at Uitspanning(N211 Bridge to Amers0001-01-01 00:00No dataNo rating table
C1R001StageData PhotoVaal at Vaal Dam2015-03-06 04:4820.83080.37%
C1R002StageData PhotoVaal at Grootdraai Dam2015-03-06 05:4826.73696.99%
C1R003StageData Willem Brummer Dam at Spitskop2015-03-06 05:487.58369.92%
C1R004StageData Douglas Dam at Spitskop2015-03-06 05:483.57632.94%
C2H005StageData PhotoRietspruit at Kaalplaats2015-03-06 09:300.0050.00
C2H018StageDataRainPhotoVaal at Schoemansdrift2015-03-06 09:480.3209.24
C2H107 West Canal at Driefontein Canal at Wonde2014-12-08 05:30No data
C2H122StageData PhotoOutflow from Vaal Dam2015-03-06 04:480.53715.76
C2H140StageData PhotoVaal at Goose Bay Canyon2015-03-06 04:480.39119.62
C2H234StageData PhotoSuikerbosrand at Platkoppie2015-03-06 04:480.426-1.00
C2H026 Vaal at Kromdraai(Low Water Bridge)0001-01-01 00:00No dataNo rating table
C2H272StageData PhotoVaal at Lethabo2015-03-01 04:48-0.0090.00
C2R001 PhotoMooi at Boskop Dam0001-01-01 00:00No data
C2R003StageData PhotoMooi atKlerkskraal Dam2015-03-06 06:004.61488.60%
C2R004StageData PhotoMooi at Potchefstroom Dam2015-03-06 04:485.07164.17%
C2R007 PhotoRietspruit at Rietspruit Dam0001-01-01 00:00No data
C8E011 Rain Raingauge At Bethlehem Corr. Serv.2015-03-06 06:00No dataRainfall station
C8E012 Rain Verkykerskop rain gauge2015-03-06 09:00No dataRainfall station
C8E013 Rain Kerstell rain gauge2015-03-06 09:00No dataRainfall station
C8E014 Phuthaditjhaba rain gauge0001-01-01 00:00No dataRainfall station
C8E015 Rain Harrismith rain gauge2015-03-06 06:00No dataRainfall station
C8E016 Warden rain gauge2015-01-27 09:00No dataRainfall station
C8H001StageData PhotoWilge at Frankfort2015-03-06 05:480.52825.30
C8H003StageDataRainPhotoCornelis at Warden2015-03-06 06:360.0420.26
C8H005StageDataRainPhotoElands at Elands River Drift2015-03-06 06:360.1451.46
C8H020StageData PhotoLiebenbergsvlei at Roodekraal2015-03-06 06:360.62026.60
C8H023StageData PhotoMeul River at The Willows2015-03-06 06:360.0643.42
C8H023 Data PhotoMeul River at The Willows2015-02-02 11:00No data4.88
C8H026StageDataRainPhotoLiebenbergsvlei at Frederiksdal2015-03-06 06:360.67219.32
C8H027StageDataRainPhotoWilge at Ballingtomp2015-03-06 06:480.6906.29
C8H028StageDataRainPhotoWilge at Bavaria2015-03-06 06:360.2583.13
C8H030StageDataRainPhotoWilge at Cableway2015-03-06 05:480.85924.35
C8H036StageDataRainPhotoAsh at outlet from Katse Dam2015-03-06 05:481.04521.25
C8H037StageDataRainPhotoLiebenbergsvlei at Reward2015-03-06 06:480.59832.70
C8R002StageDataRainPhotoMetsi Matsho at Swartwater Dam2015-03-06 09:3618.160101.27%
C8R003StageData PhotoNuwejaarspr at Sterkfontein Dam2015-03-06 05:4881.32098.26%
C8R004StageDataRainPhotoLiebenbergsvlei at Saulspoort Dam2015-03-06 05:4810.41699.23%
C8R008StageData PhotoNamahadi at Fika-Patso Dam2015-03-06 04:4847.21467.46%