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ECEastern CapeNov 2017Chemical Compliance83033226369
ECEastern CapeNov 2017Microbiological Compliance156894742
ECEastern CapeNov 2017Physical / Organoleptic Compliance1 377676538138
FSFree StateNov 2017Chemical Compliance5261318348
FSFree StateNov 2017Microbiological Compliance12423122
FSFree StateNov 2017Physical / Organoleptic Compliance64118516520
GTGautengNov 2017Chemical Compliance3 4812 2331 819414
GTGautengNov 2017Microbiological Compliance699663491172
GTGautengNov 2017Physical / Organoleptic Compliance3 3781 8811 699182
KZKwaZulu-NatalNov 2017Chemical Compliance819617449168
KZKwaZulu-NatalNov 2017Microbiological Compliance29524817375
KZKwaZulu-NatalNov 2017Physical / Organoleptic Compliance1 4841 020814206
LPLimpopoNov 2017Chemical Compliance215301812
LPLimpopoNov 2017Microbiological Compliance54936
LPLimpopoNov 2017Physical / Organoleptic Compliance25140382
MPMpumalangaNov 2017Chemical Compliance54715210448
MPMpumalangaNov 2017Microbiological Compliance14656479
MPMpumalangaNov 2017Physical / Organoleptic Compliance73818317112
NWNorth WestNov 2017Chemical Compliance43016714819
NWNorth WestNov 2017Microbiological Compliance100683137
NWNorth WestNov 2017Physical / Organoleptic Compliance48726416896
NCNorthern CapeNov 2017Chemical Compliance33826179
NCNorthern CapeNov 2017Microbiological Compliance741174
NCNorthern CapeNov 2017Physical / Organoleptic Compliance276271116
WCWestern CapeNov 2017Chemical Compliance1 3471 250957293
WCWestern CapeNov 2017Microbiological Compliance22125418569
WCWestern CapeNov 2017Physical / Organoleptic Compliance1 3101 193974219
NATProvincialNov 2017Chemical Compliance8 5334 9383 8581 080
NATProvincialNov 2017Microbiological Compliance1 8691 421985436
NATProvincialNov 2017Physical / Organoleptic Compliance9 9425 4694 578891
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