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National Water Services Knowledge System
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WSA: Provincial [NAT] - Water Quality Management    
Theme: Water Quality Management
  Sub Theme: Drinking Water Quality
  Microbiological Compliance [%] Jan 2018   95.5 %
  Chemical Compliance [%] Jan 2018   98.1 %
  Physical Compliance [%] Jan 2018   98 %
  Operational Compliance [%] Jan 2018   87.2 %
  Compliance Comparison Jan 2018   94.7 %
  Drinking Water Quality
  Sub Theme: Wastewater Quality
  Microbiological Compliance [%] Feb 2018   50 %
  Physical Compliance [%] Feb 2018   50.7 %
  Chemical Compliance [%] Feb 2018   47.7 %
  Analysis Done Feb 2018   12012
  Wastewater Quality
  Water Quality Management theme reports on all regulatory activities related to drinking water quality as well as waste water effluent quality. Key areas included are monitoring compliance linked to drinking water or waste water effluent compliance.