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National Water Services Knowledge System
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Metropolitan Municipalities: Provincial [NAT]    
Theme: Demography
  Sub Theme: Demography facts & figures
  Total Population Apr 2017   22.7 Million
  Total Households Apr 2017   7.8 Million
  Settlements Apr 2017   4596
  Population Growth Apr 2017   1.7 %
  Household Growth Apr 2017   3.4 %
  This theme provides an overview of the demography of South Africa, with a focus on estimated population and household scenarios. It also includes time series data, household density estimates, population growth factors and number of settlements amongst others.
Theme: Access to Basic Services
  Sub Theme: DWS Access to Infrastructure Data
  Water Below RDP Population Apr 2017   0.6 Million
  Water Below RDP Households Apr 2017   192.6 Thousand
  People Served with Water Apr 2017   7.6 Million
  Households Served with Water Apr 2017   2.4 Million
  Sanitation Below RDP Population Apr 2017   2.5 Million
  Sanitation Below RDP Households Apr 2017   0.8 Million
  People Served with Sanitation Apr 2017   4.9 Million
  Households Served with Sanitation Apr 2017   1.6 Million
  Access to Basic Services focuses on the status of people/households with access to RDP level and above Water Supply infrastructure, progress made since 1994 and the remaining challenges to ensure that all citizens have access to basic water supply infrastructure by the end of 2014. This theme focusses primarily on access to infrastructure and, in some cases such as Access to and above RDP level services, also presents the results of Census 2011 and considers the functionality/reliability of the infrastructure.
Theme: WS Programmes
  Sub Theme: MIG
  Total Water and Sanitation Allocation Oct 2017   2.8 Million
  Total Projects Oct 2017   7
  Sub Theme: RBIG
  Total Projects Oct 2017   2
  Total Allocation Oct 2017   50 Million
  Sub Theme: WSIG
  Total Projects Oct 2017   30
  Total Allocation Oct 2017   911.2 Million
  Sub Theme: ACIP
  Total Projects Oct 2017   1
  Sub Theme: Cost To Eradicate
  The WS Programmes theme focuses on Programmes and Projects in support of the delivery of basic water services infrastructure such as MIG, RBIG and MWIG. It includes information on grant allocations, project summaries, project details as well as a basic function to calculate the estimated cost required to eradicate the remaining water supply backlog.
Theme: Water Quality Management
  Sub Theme: Drinking Water Quality
  Microbiological Compliance [%] Jan 2018   95.9 %
  Chemical Compliance [%] Jan 2018   98.5 %
  Physical Compliance [%] Jan 2018   98 %
  Operational Compliance [%] Jan 2018   88.1 %
  Sub Theme: Wastewater Quality
  Water Quality Management theme reports on all regulatory activities related to drinking water quality as well as waste water effluent quality. Key areas included are monitoring compliance linked to drinking water or waste water effluent compliance.
Theme: Institutional Effectiveness
  Sub Theme: MUSSA
  Vulnerability Score Per leg 2016/17   86.5 Average %
  Vulnerability Index 2016/17   0.4 Average Index
  Sub Theme: WSDP
  Sub Theme: Stakeholders Roles & Responsibilities
  Institutional Effectiveness tracks the general health, effectiveness and shortcomings of municipalities. Key focus areas are the Municipal Strategic Self Assessment, Water Services Development Planning and other initiatives. The result of these efforts should provide the system user with an overview of the general health of a municipality rated against several municipal functions.
Theme: Water Conservation & Demand Management
  Sub Theme: Municipal Non-revenue Water
  Non-revenue Water 2011/12   34 %
  Water Losses 2011/12   30.7 %
  This theme focuses on activities to determine and improve water conservation and demand management (WCWDM) with a special focus on municipal Non-Revenue Water (NWR) and Water Losses. Municipal Non-revenue water as well as Water Losses are based on municipal inputs where available and DWS estimates where not available.
Theme: Financials
  Sub Theme: National Treasury
  Sub Theme: Water Tariffs
  Residential Tariffs 2015/16   15.2 R/kl
  Commercial Tariffs 2015/16   19.1 R/kl
  This theme currently reports on municipal expenditure paterns (as per National Treasury information) as well as Municipal water tariffs including but not limited to residential, commercial and industrial.
Theme: HotSpots
  Sub Theme: Hotspot Topics
  Sub Theme: Protests
  Protests Identified by Municipal IQ 2017/18   985
  This theme currently reports on public unrest through protests and highlights areas where serious protests have been experienced with an indication of the drivers leading to the unrest. Future functionality will include the ability to predict where future protests might be expected.
Theme: Census 2011 Results
  Sub Theme: Census 2011 Results
  Piped Water Households Oct 2011   6.1 Million
  Annual Income Households Oct 2011   24.4 Indigent %
  Households Per Residential Type Oct 2011   6.2 Million
  This theme will report on Census 2011 results with a specific focus on population figures, household figures, socio economic facts as well as access to basic water supply.
Theme: Waterboards
  Sub Theme: Waterboards related data
  Volume water sold (mill m3) 2013/14   2557
  Total assets (Rmill) 2013/14   29694
  Equity (Rmill) 2013/14   19706
  Gross Profit (Rmill) 2013/14   8773
  Data on Waterboards