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Thukela Water Project --> Inter-Basin Water Requirements and Resource availability
Inter-Basin Water Requirements and Resource availability

The National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998) requires the DWAF to implement a national water resource management strategy that will provide a framework for the protection, use, development, conservation, management and control of water resources for the country as a whole, and also on a regional or catchment level.

Included in this strategy is the provision of the Environmental Reserve, the amount of water that is required to meet social and ecological needs. Sophisticated water resource system analysis modelling techniques are used to determine the in-stream flow requirements that are necessary to maintain the Reserve. In terms of the Thukela River Catchment, the Reserve must be met prior to making decisions on major water use, such as considering inter-basin transfers.

Using in-stream flow estimates and 2030 in-basin projections, it was determined that the TWP could supply the required additional draft of 450 million m3 per annum at an assurance of between 95 and  98%. Considering that in-basin requirements have been estimated conservatively, and, with storage created by two dams proposed as part of the TWP, a surplus of water may exist between the time that the proposed dams are constructed and 2030.

Vaal River Supply Area

: Major Storage reservoirs

: Smaller storage reservoirs

: Source & demand basin boundaries

: Sub-catchment boundary

: Vaal River Catchment

: Reservoirs

: Subsystem names

: Source basins

: Demand basins

: Vaal River basin

: Current transfers

: Future transfers

Vaal River Water Demand Projections

: LHWP treaty
: TR134 most probable
: 1999 Reserved Expectation including Water Conservation
: March 1997 most probable
: Recorded

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