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+ National Water and Sanitation Master Plan

+ 2020 Vision

+ Dam Safety Office

+ Electronic Water Use License Application and Authorisation System (e-WULAAS)

+ Enterprise Geo Spatial Information (GIS)

+ Groundwater

+ Hydrology (Data, Dams, Floods and Flows)

+ Institutional Oversight

+ Integrated Water Resource Planning

+ National Integrated Water Information System (NIWIS)

+ National Water Resources Infrastructure Branch (NWRIB)

+ Pricing and Economic Regulations Reforms Project (PERR)

+ Review, Evaluation and Optimisation of the National Water Resources Monitoring (NWRM) Network Project

+ Sustainable Development Goal 6

+ South African Youth Water Prize (SAYWP)

+ Water Allocation Reform

+ Water Services/ Regulation Systems Menu

+ Water Tribunal

+ Water Use Licensing, Registration and Revenue Collection (WARMS)



Projects - Archive

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