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National Water Resource Strategy: 2012

Comprehensive Strategy (Sept 2012)SuperUser van BlerkComprehensive Strategy2.89 MB7324Download
Summary Strategy (August 2012)Jaco van BlerkSummary Strategy2.10 MB5062Download
Chapter 1: IntroductionJaco van BlerkSummary48.81 KB3464Download
Chapter 2: Understanding Water ResourcesJaco van BlerkSummary303.63 KB5309Download
Chapter 3: Water Management IssuesJaco van BlerkSummary43.43 KB3528Download
Chapter 4: Contribution of Water to the South African EconomyJaco van BlerkSummary188.44 KB7828Download
Chapter 5: There is potentially sufficient water available for developmentJaco van BlerkSummary38.49 KB3029Download
Chapter 6: Water Economics and Allocation PrioritiesJaco van BlerkSummary41.65 KB3306Download
Chapter 7: Enhanced Water Governance and Developmental Water ManagementJaco van BlerkSummary88.87 KB3853Download
Chapter 8: Making it happen - The Core Water StrategiesJaco van BlerkSummary154.06 KB3805Download
Chapter 9: Key Strategic ActionsJaco van BlerkSummary79.69 KB3671Download
Chapter 10: Revising the Water Management Area BoundariesJaco van BlerkSummary111.25 KB6328Download
Chapter 11: Water Resource InformationJaco van BlerkSummary35.60 KB3107Download
Chapter 12: Implementing the NWRS-2Jaco van BlerkSummary29.44 KB3218Download
Chapter 13: The New Paradigm - Key ElementsJaco van BlerkSummary50.05 KB3025Download
Chapter 14: Support StrategiesJaco van BlerkSummary108.08 KB3349Download