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Crocodile, Sabie/Sand & Olifants River Systems

State of the Rivers Report     -   March 2001
The text is identical to the hard copy. Only the layout differs.

             Cover Page (88 kb)
Title Page


1. Introduction / background
The River Health Programme (RHP)
A new Water Act for South Africa
State of Environment reporting

2. Overview of the study area
Land cover and land use
Economic Profile
Development priorities

3. Indicators and Indices
Indicators and indices
River health indices
River Health Classification
Present Ecological State
Desired Ecological State

4. State of the Rivers
The Crocodile River System
The Sabie-Sand River System
The Olifants River System

Information boxes:
Context of this Report
The Importance of Wetlands
The Importance of Riparian Vegetation
Environmental Flow Requirements
Alien Vegetation and the Working for Water Programme
List of Abbreviations

5. Summary
What is the overall state of the rivers in the Crocodile, Sabie-Sand and Olifants Catchments?
What are the consequences of poor river health?
Priority action for these catchments
Where to from here with State of the Rivers Reporting
Where to find out more about State of the Rivers Reporting

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