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Aardoorns365 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 32o49'14.2"S 22o55'13.2"E
Abikwaput se Pan (natural) D4R002Q01, alias Abikwasput se Pan, Rivers: _ 27o17'54.7"S 20o06'13.1"E
Albasini (reservoir) A9R001Q01, Rivers: Doringspruit Luvuvhu 23o06'14.4"S 30o05'45.8"E
Albert Falls (reservoir) U2R003Q01, Rivers: Doring_Spruit Nculwane uMngeni 29o26'10.5"S 30o23'18.2"E
Alexander (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o12'49.5"S 28o25'15.4"E
Allemanskraal (reservoir) C4R001Q01, Rivers: Duplooyspruit Rietspruit Sand 28o18'12.3"S 27o14'22"E
Amanzimnyama (natural) Rivers: Malangeni 27o01'50"S 32o49'17.2"E
Amcor (reservoir) V3R002Q01, Rivers: Ncandu 27o44'22.5"S 29o58'47.7"E
Applethwaite (natural) Rivers: Palmiet 34o11'32.7"S 18o59'22.6"E
Arieskraal (reservoir) G4R005Q01, Rivers: Palmiet 34o13'53.8"S 18o58'54.8"E
Armenia (reservoir) D2R002Q01, Rivers: Leeu 29o20'33.9"S 27o07'51.4"E
Aspeling (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o26'32.5"S 22o46'24.8"E
Barberspan (natural) C3R003Q01, Rivers: Barberspan 26o35'02.5"S 25o35'04.9"E
Beervlei (reservoir) L3R001Q01, Rivers: Groot Kariga Slagterskuil Sout 33o02'19.1"S 23o27'57.1"E
Belfort (reservoir) T3R001Q01, Rivers: _ 30o09'39.9"S 28o43'15.5"E
Bellair (reservoir) J1R002Q01, Rivers: Brak 33o43'01"S 20o35'18.5"E
Bellary825 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 29o51'52.3"S 25o12'05.6"E
Bergendal179 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o09'07.8"S 25o09'20"E
Bethal (reservoir) Rivers: Blesbokspruit 26o27'01.6"S 29o29'03.6"E
Bethulie (reservoir) D3R001Q01, Rivers: _ 30o28'45.2"S 25o58'15.3"E
Bierspruit (reservoir) A2R010Q01, Rivers: Bofule 24o55'04.9"S 27o08'02.5"E
Biesjesfontein186 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o30'07.1"S 23o08'15.5"E
Biesjespoort140 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o27'18.3"S 22o23'44"E
Binfield (reservoir) R1R003Q01, Rivers: Tyume 32o41'10.7"S 26o54'54.2"E
Black Heron (reservoir) B8H034, Rivers: Letaba 23o41'48.1"S 31o12'12.5"E
Blikkraal366 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 32o51'43"S 22o50'08.1"E
Bloemhof (reservoir) C9R002Q01, alias Oppermansdrift, Rivers: Bamboesspruit Barberslaagte Vaal Vet 27o41'17.2"S 25o50'21.8"E
Blyderivier (reservoir) N3R001Q01, Rivers: Groot_Blyde 32o40'25.3"S 25o13'17.9"E
Blyderivierspoort (reservoir) B6R003Q01, Rivers: Blyde Ohrigstad 24o32'45.6"S 30o47'17.1"E
Boegoeberg (reservoir) D7R001Q01, Rivers: Orange 29o03'57.3"S 22o12'29.4"E
Bon Accord (reservoir) A2R002Q01, Rivers: Apies 25o37'45"S 28o11'21.9"E
Bonkolo (reservoir) S3R002Q01, Rivers: Komani 31o52'04.4"S 26o55'15.4"E
Boonstevlei (reservoir) Rivers: _ 30o27'04.9"S 18o43'45.8"E
Boskop (reservoir) C2R001Q01, Rivers: Mooi 26o32'44.7"S 27o07'09.9"E
Bospoort (reservoir) A2R006Q01, Rivers: Hex 25o34'31.4"S 27o19'35.1"E
Bot River Vlei (natural) G4R003Q01, alias Botriviervlei, Rivers: Afdaks Bot 34o20'25.9"S 19o06'30.1"E
Brakfontein541 (reservoir) Rivers: Rooivlak_se_Laagte 31o25'04.3"S 20o13'19.9"E
Brandvlei (reservoir) H1R001Q01, alias Lake Marais, Rivers: _ 33o42'44.9"S 19o24'56.9"E
Bridle Drift (reservoir) R2R003Q01, Rivers: Buffalo 32o58'41.7"S 27o42'15.4"E
Bronkhorstspruit (reservoir) B2R001Q01, Rivers: Bronkhorstspruit Osspruit 25o54'56"S 28o41'36.7"E
Bruinrug064 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 32o03'27.9"S 23o05'50.9"E
Buffeljags (reservoir) H7R001Q01, Rivers: Buffeljags 34o00'37.1"S 20o33'11.8"E
Buffelskloof (reservoir) B4R004Q01, Rivers: Waterval 24o57'19.6"S 30o15'48.6"E
Buffelspoort (reservoir) A2R005Q01, Rivers: Sterkstroom 25o47'31.2"S 27o29'11.6"E
Buffelspruit443KR (reservoir) Rivers: Plat 24o49'27.5"S 28o12'23.9"E
Buffelsvlei120 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o31'16.1"S 25o06'32.3"E
Bulk River (reservoir) M1R002Q01, Rivers: _ 33o48'11.8"S 25o10'10.9"E
Bulshoek (reservoir) E1R001Q01, Rivers: Olifants 32o01'47.6"S 18o48'13.4"E
Bushmanskrantz (reservoir) Rivers: Tankwa 32o23'44.3"S 19o55'05.5"E
Calitzdorp (reservoir) J2R001Q01, Rivers: _ 33o29'00.1"S 21o42'33.9"E
Cashel (reservoir) Rivers: Morokwa 26o08'03.5"S 25o06'38.6"E
Ceres (reservoir) H1R003Q01, Rivers: Koekedou 33o21'44.9"S 19o16'23.5"E
Chuniespoort (reservoir) A2R004Q01, alias Ga-Tshwene, Rivers: Chunie 24o11'59.7"S 29o29'36.2"E
Cinderella (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o14'11.5"S 28o14'28"E
Clanwilliam (reservoir) E1R002Q01, Rivers: Olifants Rondegat 32o15'25.8"S 18o54'34"E
Colletskraal131 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o22'51.5"S 24o34'11.1"E
Cookes Lake (reservoir) D4H026Q01, Rivers: Molopo 25o52'02.5"S 25o39'17.4"E
Cowles (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o12'35.1"S 28o27'20"E
Craigie Burn (reservoir) V2R001Q01, Rivers: Mnyamvubu Mpatheni 29o10'17.9"S 30o17'34.2"E
Cullinan (reservoir) Rivers: _ 25o39'15.5"S 28o31'15.3"E
Da Gama (reservoir) X3R001Q01, Rivers: White_Waters 25o09'03"S 31o00'54.7"E
Damplaats190 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 29o30'05.3"S 26o08'26.4"E
Darlington (reservoir) N2R001Q01, alias Lake Mentz, Rivers: Sondags Voel Volkers 33o08'52.5"S 25o07'59.4"E
De Bos (reservoir) G4R010Q01, Rivers: Onrus 34o21'55"S 19o14'25.1"E
De Hoop (reservoir) G5R001Q01, Rivers: Kamdeboo Sondags 32o26'08.1"S 24o23'54"E
De Hoop Vlei (natural) G5R001Q01, Rivers: Sout 34o27'17.2"S 20o23'08.9"E
Demeul427 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 32o52'41.5"S 19o19'33.1"E
Disaneng (reservoir) D4R003Q01, Rivers: Madebe Molopo 25o50'19.7"S 25o20'57.3"E
Donkerpoort (reservoir) A6R003Q01, Rivers: Little_Nyl 24o39'59.2"S 28o19'07"E
Doorndraai (reservoir) A6R001Q01, Rivers: Sterk 24o18'14.1"S 28o44'39.4"E
Doorskuilen100 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 30o36'01.6"S 23o19'43.3"E
Doringpoort (reservoir) Rivers: Olifants 25o52'24.1"S 29o18'08.3"E
Douglas (reservoir) C9R003Q01, Rivers: Vaal 29o01'23.2"S 23o51'38.3"E
Douglas C11F (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o28'05.9"S 29o56'51.1"E
Dr Neethling (reservoir) A7R001Q01, Rivers: Sand 22o32'23.7"S 29o50'43.6"E
Driefontein026 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o51'58.5"S 23o53'18.7"E
Driekloof (reservoir) C8R007Q01, Rivers: _ 28o31'58.5"S 29o04'05.9"E
Driekoppies (reservoir) X1R004Q01, Rivers: Lomati 25o43'33.8"S 31o31'34.2"E
Driel Barrage (reservoir) V1R002Q01, alias Driel, Rivers: Mlambonja Thukela 28o46'48.9"S 29o17'09.2"E
Droogerivier034 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 32o31'46"S 24o59'39.8"E
Drupfontein208 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o41'09.8"S 22o50'42.8"E
Dudley Pringle (reservoir) Rivers: _ 29o31'36.9"S 31o08'39.6"E
Duiwenhoks (reservoir) H8R001Q01, alias Duiwenhoksrivier, Rivers: Duiwenhoks 33o59'10.5"S 20o57'39.7"E
EJ Smith (reservoir) Rivers: _ 30o19'14.4"S 30o40'07.1"E
Ebenezer (reservoir) B8R001Q01, Rivers: Broederstroom Groot_Letaba 23o56'15.9"S 29o58'35.4"E
Egmont (reservoir) D2R001Q01, Rivers: Boesmanskopspruit 30o02'55.4"S 27o02'22.7"E
Eikenhof (reservoir) G4R002Q01, Rivers: Palmiet 34o07'16.7"S 19o01'58.6"E
Elandsdrift (reservoir) Q5R001Q01, Rivers: Groot-Vis 32o29'21"S 25o46'13.1"E
Elandskloof (reservoir) H6R002Q01, Rivers: Elands 33o56'36.4"S 19o17'04.6"E
Elandskuil (reservoir) C2R006Q01, Rivers: _ 26o20'34"S 26o46'42.2"E
Erfenis (reservoir) C4R002Q01, Rivers: Groot-Vet Klein-Vet Soutspruit Vet 28o34'44.5"S 26o51'57.3"E
Ernest Robertson (reservoir) K2R001Q01, Rivers: _ 33o53'59.6"S 22o10'22.1"E
Eshowe (reservoir) W1H004Q01, alias Eshowe Gauging Weir, Rivers: Mlalazi 28o52'18.5"S 31o27'16"E
Evander (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o29'25.4"S 29o07'42.6"E
Fairview (reservoir) Rivers: Black_Mbuluzi 26o09'34.6"S 31o38'41.7"E
Flag Boshielo (reservoir) B5R002Q01, alias Arabie, Rivers: Motsephiri Olifants Puleng 24o49'05.7"S 29o24'50.9"E
Floriskraal (reservoir) J1R003Q01, Rivers: Buffels Geelbek 33o16'15.6"S 20o59'20.9"E
Fonkfontein336 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o55'16.4"S 22o05'13.8"E
Fortuin083 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 34o04'11.6"S 19o10'14.7"E
Fouriespruit (reservoir) Rivers: Fouriespruit 29o39'38.7"S 26o00'17"E
Gaborone (reservoir) Rivers: Ngotwane 24o43'14.8"S 25o53'56.5"E
Gabrielsbake2 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o43'46.8"S 23o24'03.4"E
Gamka (reservoir) J2R004Q01, alias Beaufort West, Rivers: _ 32o20'28.7"S 22o35'28.4"E
Gamkapoort (reservoir) J2R006Q01, Rivers: Bosluiskloof Dwyka Elandskloof Gamka 33o16'56.2"S 21o39'45.9"E
Garden Route (reservoir) K3R002Q01, alias Tuinroete, Rivers: Swart 33o57'28.5"S 22o30'38"E
Gariep (reservoir) D3R002Q01, Rivers: Brakspruit Broekspruit Caledon Orange Oudagspruit Palmietspruit Slykspruit 30o34'34.5"S 25o52'35.4"E
Gcuwa (reservoir) S7R001Q01, Rivers: Gcuwa 32o18'47.4"S 28o08'01.5"E
Gerrands (reservoir) C8R006Q01, Rivers: _ 28o16'47.5"S 28o17'04.6"E
Gert Combrink (reservoir) A6R004Q01, Rivers: _ 24o09'44.6"S 29o02'00.7"E
Gilbert Eyles (reservoir) T5R001Q01, Rivers: Mzimkhulwana 30o43'14.4"S 30o08'54"E
Glen Alpine (reservoir) A6R002Q01, Rivers: Mogalakwena 23o14'36"S 28o41'11"E
Goedertrou (reservoir) W1R001Q01, alias Goedertrouw, Rivers: Kwamazuka Mhlatuze 28o45'52.2"S 31o25'46.6"E
Goukou Estuary (natural) H9R002Q01, alias Goukou River Mouth, Rivers: Goukou 34o22'04"S 21o25'06.1"E
Grassridge (reservoir) Q1R001Q01, Rivers: Groot-Brak 31o44'30.2"S 25o27'36"E
Groendal (reservoir) M1R001Q01, Rivers: KwaZungu 33o41'23.2"S 25o15'18.7"E
Groenvlei (natural) K4R001Q01, Rivers: _ 34o01'43.3"S 22o51'45.3"E
Grootdraai (reservoir) C1R002Q01, Rivers: Langspruit Leeuspruit Vaal 26o54'33.6"S 29o23'42.5"E
Grootevlakte132 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 32o24'46.1"S 24o16'54.5"E
Groothoek (reservoir) C5R005Q01, Rivers: Kgabanyane 29o17'47.4"S 26o51'51"E
Grootrietvley210JS (natural) Rivers: _ 25o27'21.3"S 29o45'31.6"E
Grootvlei (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o47'45.8"S 28o31'34.7"E
Grootvlei G (reservoir) alias Peninsula, Rivers: _ 34o10'38.6"S 18o58'37.4"E
Gubu (reservoir) S6R001Q01, Rivers: Gubu 32o36'13.2"S 27o16'16.8"E
Hans Merensky (reservoir) B8R002Q01, Rivers: Mahitse 23o44'43.5"S 30o06'14"E
Hartbeespoort (reservoir) A2R001Q01, Rivers: Crocodile Magalies Swartspruit 25o45'03"S 27o50'51.6"E
Hartebeeskuil (reservoir) K1R001Q01, alias Hartbeeskuil, Rivers: Hartenbos 34o05'31.4"S 21o59'55.7"E
Hazelmere (reservoir) U3R001Q01, Rivers: Mdloti 29o35'21"S 31o01'46.3"E
Henley (reservoir) U2R005Q01, Rivers: uMnsunduze 29o37'54.5"S 30o14'55.5"E
Heyshope (reservoir) W5R004Q01, Rivers: Assegaai 27o03'05.8"S 30o26'55.2"E
Hluhluwe (reservoir) W3R001Q01, Rivers: Hluhluwe 28o07'17.4"S 32o08'03.7"E
Houwater (reservoir) Rivers: Mankwe 25o15'48.1"S 27o07'19.9"E
Howisons Poort (reservoir) P3R001Q01, Rivers: Palmiet 33o23'00.1"S 26o28'56.5"E
Impofu (reservoir) K9R002Q01, alias Elandsjagt, Rivers: Diep Krom 34o03'41.4"S 24o37'26.3"E
Inanda (reservoir) U2R004Q01, Rivers: Mqeku uMngeni 29o40'04"S 30o49'03.1"E
Indwe (reservoir) S2R002Q01, alias Doringrivier, Rivers: Doring 31o29'49.9"S 27o19'58.3"E
Jameson (reservoir) P1R001Q01, Rivers: New_Years 33o19'02.2"S 26o26'32.1"E
Jan Smuts (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o13'24.2"S 28o22'11.3"E
Jasi (reservoir) B8R010Q01, Rivers: Groot_Letaba 23o43'44.6"S 30o31'35.8"E
Jericho (reservoir) W5R001Q01, Rivers: Mpama 26o38'22.9"S 30o27'09"E
Kalkfontein (reservoir) C5R002Q01, Rivers: Riet 29o32'00.4"S 25o17'15.4"E
Kammanassie (reservoir) J3R001Q01, Rivers: Brak Kammanassie 33o40'26.6"S 22o26'17.1"E
Kanniedood (reservoir) B9H003Q01, Rivers: Shingwidzi 23o07'33.5"S 31o26'51.5"E
Karee (reservoir) E4R001Q01, Rivers: _ 31o25'35.6"S 19o47'17.1"E
Kat River (reservoir) Q9R001Q01, alias Katrivier, Rivers: Kat 32o34'15.3"S 26o46'15.7"E
Katnael (reservoir) D4R001Q01, alias Leeubos, Rivers: _ 26o43'56.6"S 20o05'40.4"E
Katse (reservoir) D1R002Q01, Rivers: Bokong Semena 29o11'30.9"S 28o27'20.9"E
Keerom (reservoir) H4R002Q01, Rivers: Nuy 33o34'44.4"S 19o42'18.5"E
Kelly-Patterson (reservoir) Rivers: Oompies 31o38'00.2"S 25o01'49.7"E
Keurbooms Estuary (natural) Rivers: Bietou Keurbooms 34o01'24.5"S 23o23'19.7"E
Kilburn (reservoir) V1R004Q01, Rivers: Majaneni 28o35'08.1"S 29o05'38.9"E
Klaserie (reservoir) B7R001Q01, alias Jan Wassenaar, Rivers: Klaserie 24o31'45.4"S 31o03'36.1"E
Klavervalley (reservoir) B5R001Q01, Rivers: _ 24o36'57.5"S 29o02'19.2"E
Klein River Vlei (natural) G4R004Q01, Rivers: Klein 34o25'14"S 19o22'15.9"E
Kleinplaas (reservoir) G2R001Q01, Rivers: Jonkershoek 33o58'33.7"S 18o56'44.3"E
Kleinplaas S (reservoir) Rivers: _ 34o10'18.8"S 18o23'12.9"E
Klerksdorp (reservoir) C2R002Q01, alias Johan Neser, Rivers: Skoonspruit 26o47'21.3"S 26o36'17.4"E
Klerksfontein180 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o29'17.2"S 23o19'00"E
Klerkskraal (reservoir) C2R003Q01, Rivers: Mooi 26o13'59.8"S 27o08'55.6"E
Klipberg (reservoir) H4R003Q01, Rivers: Keisers 33o56'29.7"S 19o47'21.2"E
Klipdrif (reservoir) C2R005Q01, Rivers: Enselspruit Loopspruit 26o36'32"S 27o18'41"E
Klipfontein (reservoir) W2R001Q01, Rivers: White_Mfolozi 27o49'20.7"S 30o48'21.3"E
Klipfontein010 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 30o28'07.3"S 26o29'47.4"E
Klipheuwel (reservoir) K1R002Q01, Rivers: _ 34o03'12.3"S 22o08'46.3"E
Klipkopjes (reservoir) X2R002Q01, alias Klipkoppies, Rivers: Wit 25o12'25.2"S 30o59'54"E
Klipperif112 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o32'07.8"S 25o26'51.2"E
Klipplaat (reservoir) alias Rietspruit;Rietvlei, Rivers: Rietspruit 26o10'44.3"S 29o13'02.4"E
Klipvoor (reservoir) A2R012Q01, Rivers: Kutswane Moretele Pienaars 25o08'59.5"S 27o51'20.4"E
Knellpoort (reservoir) D2R006Q01, Rivers: Rietspruit 29o46'26.2"S 26o53'09.8"E
Knysna Lagoon (natural) K5R001Q01, Rivers: Knysna 34o02'29.4"S 23o01'47.9"E
Kogelberg (reservoir) G4R006Q01, Rivers: Palmiet 34o12'29.3"S 18o58'15.7"E
Kommandodrift (reservoir) Q4R002Q01, Rivers: Poort Tarka Vlekpoort 32o05'20.2"S 26o02'37.4"E
Kommetjie lagoon (natural) Rivers: _ 34o07'23.7"S 18o21'00.2"E
Koos Raubenheimer (reservoir) J3R003Q01, Rivers: Little_Leroux 33o24'14.6"S 22o17'17.2"E
Koppies (reservoir) C7R001Q01, Rivers: Renoster 27o14'27.8"S 27o41'37.1"E
Koppiesyn Pan (natural) C3R005Q01, Rivers: _ 26o43'31.4"S 25o28'33.1"E
Korinte-Vet (reservoir) H9R001Q01, Rivers: Korinte 33o59'50.3"S 21o09'30.2"E
Kosi Estuary (natural) W7R004Q01, alias Makhawulani, Rivers: Kosi 26o55'16.4"S 32o51'42.7"E
Koster (reservoir) A2R011Q01, Rivers: Koster 25o42'32.2"S 26o53'50"E
Kouga (reservoir) L8R001Q01, Rivers: Baviaanskloof Kouga 33o42'01.7"S 24o29'34.6"E
Kriegerspoort (reservoir) Rivers: Elandskloof 31o17'40"S 24o33'03.4"E
Krom River (reservoir) K9R001Q01, alias Churchill, Rivers: Krom 33o59'22.3"S 24o28'04.6"E
Kromellenboog (reservoir) A3R003Q01, Rivers: Klein-Marico 25o27'27.7"S 26o20'42.3"E
Kromspruit019JP (reservoir) Rivers: Sedutlane 25o06'56"S 26o29'59.2"E
Krugersdrift (reservoir) C5R004Q01, alias Krugersdrif, Rivers: Modder 28o51'04"S 26o00'12.2"E
Kruisrivier120 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 32o23'31.3"S 24o04'31.2"E
KuHlange (natural) W7R003Q01, alias Nhlange, Rivers: Kosi Malangeni Swamanzi 26o59'13.4"S 32o50'05.7"E
KuShengeza (natural) alias Shengeza, Rivers: _ 27o01'59.6"S 32o46'57.3"E
KuZilonde (natural) alias Lake Zilondo, Rivers: _ 26o52'07.7"S 32o52'10.9"E
Kwaggaskloof (reservoir) H4R004Q01, Rivers: _ 33o46'16"S 19o26'24"E
Kwena (reservoir) X2R005Q01, alias Braam Raubenheimer, Rivers: Alexanderspruit Crocodile 25o21'08"S 30o22'04"E
Laing (reservoir) R2R001Q01, Rivers: Buffalo 32o57'10.6"S 27o29'24.2"E
Lake Arthur (reservoir) Q4R001Q01, Rivers: Tarka 32o12'39.6"S 25o49'16"E
Lake Cubhu (natural) Rivers: Mzingwenya 28o50'30.2"S 31o57'36.9"E
Lake Msingazi (natural) W1R004Q01, Rivers: Mzingazi Nundwane 28o44'54.3"S 32o06'41.2"E
Lake Sibayi (natural) W7R001Q01, Rivers: _ 27o20'39.8"S 32o38'18.4"E
Lake St. Lucia (natural) W3R002Q01, Rivers: Hluhluwe Mkuze Mzinene Nyalazi St_Lucia 28o04'00.6"S 32o27'46.4"E
Lakenvallei (reservoir) H2R002Q01, Rivers: Sanddrifskloof 33o21'32.3"S 19o34'52.6"E
Leeugamka (reservoir) J2R002Q01, Rivers: Gamka 32o36'35"S 22o00'25.2"E
Leeukraal (reservoir) A2R016Q01, Rivers: Apies 25o23'55.7"S 28o16'35.9"E
Leeukuil (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o41'09"S 27o53'40.6"E
Leeupan Tamboville (natural) Rivers: _ 26o13'47.9"S 28o18'52"E
Leeupan279IO (natural) Rivers: Barberspan 26o31'20.8"S 25o36'07.4"E
Leeupan532IR (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o33'40.3"S 28o59'37.5"E
Liebenbergsvlei (natural) alias Loch Lomond, Rivers: Jordaan 28o10'44.7"S 28o18'45.5"E
Lindleys Poort (reservoir) A2R007Q01, alias Lindleyspoort, Rivers: Elands 25o30'52.8"S 26o41'31.3"E
Little Marico Poort (reservoir) G2R001Q01, alias Klein Maricopoort, Rivers: Klein-Marico 25o31'46.6"S 26o07'52.2"E
Lizzulea (reservoir) Rivers: Setoka 22o20'39.9"S 29o19'46.1"E
Loch Athlone (reservoir) C8R005Q01, Rivers: Jordaan 28o15'45.5"S 28o18'42.2"E
Loerie (reservoir) L9R001Q01, Rivers: Loerie 33o51'31.8"S 25o03'01.2"E
Lola Montes (reservoir) Rivers: Motsephiri 24o49'11"S 29o29'38.9"E
Longmere (Witrivier) (reservoir) X2R001Q01, Rivers: Wit 25o15'52.9"S 31o00'17.5"E
Lornadawn (reservoir) Rivers: Middel_Letaba 23o29'22.3"S 30o06'42.5"E
Loskop (reservoir) B3R002Q01, Rivers: Olifants 25o26'58.2"S 29o19'48"E
Lotlamoreng (reservoir) D4H037Q01, alias Montshioa, Rivers: Molopo 25o52'28.8"S 25o36'34.4"E
Lovedale (reservoir) Rivers: _ 29o13'58.4"S 27o04'30"E
Lower Langvlei (natural) K3R005Q01, Rivers: Duiwe Serpentine 33o59'35"S 22o38'31.1"E
Loxton (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o28'37.3"S 22o22'05.3"E
Lubisi (reservoir) S2R001Q01, Rivers: Indwe 31o46'16.7"S 27o25'09.4"E
Mabeleni (reservoir) T2R002Q01, Rivers: _ 31o26'49.2"S 28o33'30.5"E
Magoebaskloof (reservoir) B8R003Q01, Rivers: Politsi 23o49'10"S 30o02'58.2"E
Maguga (reservoir) X1R005Q01, Rivers: Komati 26o04'16.5"S 31o15'03.9"E
Magwa (reservoir) T6R001Q01, Rivers: Mkozi 31o21'49"S 29o39'02.2"E
Manana026IP (reservoir) Rivers: Harts 26o06'25.5"S 26o14'25.2"E
Mapochs (reservoir) B4R003Q01, Rivers: Masala 25o06'06"S 29o53'09.4"E
Marico-Bosveld (reservoir) A3R001Q01, Rivers: Groot-Marico 25o29'55.9"S 26o23'40.4"E
Masels Poort (reservoir) C5R006Q01, alias Maselspoort, Rivers: Modder 29o02'19.4"S 26o26'03.9"E
Massingir (reservoir) Rivers: Elefantes Olifants 23o53'32"S 32o01'04.4"E
Menin (reservoir) C8R001Q01, Rivers: _ 28o04'59.4"S 28o16'17.2"E
Merino047 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o59'27.5"S 24o05'49.9"E
Mgobezeleni (natural) W7R002Q01, Rivers: _ 27o31'49.3"S 32o39'26"E
Mhlatuze Lagoon (natural) alias Sanctuary, Rivers: Mhlatuze 28o49'32.9"S 32o01'36.3"E
Middelburg (reservoir) B1R002Q01, Rivers: Klein-Olifants 25o47'46"S 29o33'49.6"E
Middle Letaba (reservoir) B8R007Q01, Rivers: Middel_Letaba 23o17'50.8"S 30o22'55.2"E
Midmar (reservoir) U2R001Q01, Rivers: Gqishi Nguklu uMngeni 29o30'49.1"S 30o10'33.8"E
Miertjieskraal (reservoir) J1R004Q01, Rivers: Brand 33o49'50.4"S 21o07'50.3"E
Milner (reservoir) P1R002Q01, Rivers: New_Years 33o18'47.5"S 26o25'54.5"E
Misverstand (reservoir) G1R003Q01, Rivers: Berg Moorreesburgspruit 33o01'43.8"S 18o47'36"E
Mlanga (reservoir) T7R001Q01, alias eMhlangla, Rivers: Mngazi 31o25'52.4"S 28o55'30"E
Mockes_1of2 (reservoir) C5R007Q01, alias Mockes, Rivers: Modder 29o03'57.8"S 26o28'35.5"E
Mockes_1of2 (reservoir) C5R007Q01, alias Mockes, Rivers: Modder 29o03'57.8"S 26o28'35.5"E
Modder (reservoir) Rivers: Loopspruit 26o41'47"S 27o09'45.5"E
Modderpoort (reservoir) Rivers: Rietfontein 31o57'06.2"S 22o08'50.9"E
Modimola (reservoir) D4R004Q01, Rivers: Molopo 25o51'36.2"S 25o31'22.8"E
Mokolo (reservoir) A4R001Q01, alias Hans Strijdom, Rivers: Bulspruit Malmanies Mokolo 24o00'42.7"S 27o44'57.4"E
Montague547 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 30o18'34.8"S 27o10'18.8"E
Mooifontein286 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 29o58'42.6"S 27o01'25.1"E
Mooimeisjeskop044 (reservoir) Rivers: Seekoei 30o53'01.5"S 24o37'30.3"E
Moordkuil (reservoir) H4R001Q01, alias Draaivlei, Rivers: Hoeks 33o48'03.2"S 19o27'22.7"E
Morgenstond (reservoir) W5R003Q01, Rivers: Ngwempisi 26o43'42.5"S 30o30'30.2"E
Mutshedzi (reservoir) A8R001Q01, Rivers: Mutshedzi Phangani Tshiluvhadi 22o56'49.8"S 30o10'20.8"E
Mzinto (reservoir) U8R001Q01, Rivers: Mzinto 30o18'32.3"S 30o35'33.4"E
Nagle (reservoir) U2R002Q01, Rivers: uMngeni 29o35'28.5"S 30o38'07.5"E
Nahoon (reservoir) R3R001Q01, Rivers: Nahoon 32o54'13.7"S 27o47'50.7"E
Ncora (reservoir) S5R001Q01, Rivers: Nququ Tsomo 31o46'14.3"S 27o37'57"E
New Years (reservoir) P1R003Q01, alias Nuwejaars, Rivers: New_Years 33o17'48.6"S 26o07'19.3"E
Newbury (reservoir) Rivers: Leeu 29o13'49.3"S 27o13'29.4"E
Ngotwane (reservoir) A1R001Q01, Rivers: _ 25o12'51.2"S 25o48'20.1"E
Nhlabane (natural) Rivers: _ 28o36'33.7"S 32o16'17.4"E
Nieuwefontein089 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o27'09.6"S 23o32'00.9"E
Nkumpi1 (reservoir) B5H001Q01, Rivers: Nkumpi 24o16'56.6"S 29o18'54.7"E
Nkumpi2 (reservoir) B5H001Q01, Rivers: Nkumpi 24o17'43.4"S 29o18'54.9"E
Noodhulp468 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 32o25'30.7"S 24o52'05.8"E
Nooitgedacht (reservoir) X1R001Q01, Rivers: Boesmanspruit Komati Vaalwaterspruit Witkloofspruit 25o58'15.4"S 30o03'35.8"E
Nooitgedacht 256JR (reservoir) Rivers: Sand Tolwane 25o31'03.9"S 28o01'54.4"E
Nooitgedacht13 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 29o53'58.6"S 24o33'58.7"E
Nooitgedacht903 (reservoir) Rivers: uMlazi 29o45'43.2"S 30o17'47.7"E
Noordhoek Soutpan (natural) Rivers: _ 34o07'10.5"S 18o22'41.7"E
Noordhoek lagoon (natural) Rivers: _ 34o06'22.6"S 18o21'23.2"E
Nqadu (reservoir) T3R004Q01, Rivers: Kubedlana 31o24'32.4"S 28o45'36.5"E
Nsami (reservoir) B8R009Q01, alias Hudson Ntsanwisi, Rivers: Nsama 23o14'08.9"S 30o45'16.8"E
Nsezi (natural) W1R003Q01, alias Nsezi-Nseleni Wetland, Rivers: Nseleni 28o45'03.7"S 31o58'17.3"E
Ntshingwayo (reservoir) V3R001Q01, alias Chelmsford, Rivers: Kalbas Manzamnyama Ngagane Spectacle_Spruit 27o59'20"S 29o53'37.8"E
Nungwane (reservoir) U7R002Q01, alias Nungwana, Rivers: Nungwane 30o00'24.2"S 30o44'13.2"E
Nuweberg (reservoir) Rivers: Palmiet 34o05'15.1"S 19o03'10.2"E
Nwanedi (reservoir) A8R003Q01, alias Nwanedzi Luphephe, Rivers: Luphephe Nwanedzi 22o38'36.4"S 30o24'29.5"E
Nzhelele (reservoir) A8R001Q01, Rivers: Nzhelele 22o45'16"S 30o06'10.7"E
Ohrigstad (reservoir) B6R001Q01, Rivers: Ohrigstad 24o56'27.4"S 30o38'10"E
Olifantsnek (reservoir) A2R003Q01, Rivers: _ 25o47'46.5"S 27o15'18.1"E
Oukloof (reservoir) J2R003Q01, Rivers: Cordiers 33o14'46.8"S 22o05'42.2"E
Paardevlei (natural) Rivers: _ 34o05'17.4"S 18o48'52.7"E
Palabora (reservoir) Rivers: _ 24o00'22.7"S 31o10'03.8"E
Pap (reservoir) Rivers: _ 32o23'37"S 22o37'49.9"E
Peter Wright (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o21'42.1"S 27o43'45.8"E
Phalaborwa Barrage (reservoir) B7R002Q01, Rivers: Olifants 24o04'42.1"S 31o06'22.8"E
Phobane Lake (reservoir) W1R002Q01, alias Eshowe, Rivers: Mlalazi 28o52'16.1"S 31o26'42.8"E
Phoenix (reservoir) alias Klipplaat14, Rivers: Klippoortjiespruit 26o03'58.4"S 29o11'14"E
Piet Gouws (reservoir) Rivers: Ngwaritsi 24o34'30.2"S 29o37'24.6"E
Pietersfontein (reservoir) H3R002Q01, Rivers: Pietersfontein 33o39'58.4"S 20o00'49.1"E
Pongolapoort (reservoir) W4R001Q01, alias Jozini, Rivers: Libe Msuzwaneni Pongola 27o24'07.6"S 31o57'30.9"E
Poortjieskloof (reservoir) H3R001Q01, Rivers: Groot 33o52'12"S 20o22'36.1"E
Potchefstroom (reservoir) C2R004Q01, Rivers: Mooi 26o40'01.3"S 27o05'43.8"E
Potsdam645 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 29o54'48.4"S 26o46'41.6"E
Primkop (reservoir) X2R004Q01, Rivers: Wit 25o22'34.3"S 31o04'09.4"E
Prins River (reservoir) J1R001Q01, alias Prinsrivier, Rivers: Prins 33o30'32.2"S 20o45'12.5"E
Rhenosterkop (reservoir) B3R005Q01, Rivers: Elands 25o06'16.6"S 28o53'40.7"E
Richards Bay (natural) Rivers: Mzingazi 28o48'36.1"S 32o03'40.1"E
Rietfontein572 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o19'20.9"S 22o30'24.5"E
Rietrivier202 (reservoir) Rivers: Leeu 32o52'26"S 19o14'22"E
Rietspruit (reservoir) C2R007Q01, Rivers: Rietspruit 26o24'34.9"S 26o48'38.4"E
Rietvlei (reservoir) A2R004Q01, Rivers: Hennops 25o52'34.8"S 28o16'47.6"E
Riverdale1800 (reservoir) Rivers: Lovu 29o51'43.3"S 30o14'11.4"E
Rockview (reservoir) G4R008Q01, Rivers: _ 34o11'16.5"S 18o57'09.5"E
Rolandseck068 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 30o03'40.1"S 26o53'15.2"E
Rondevlei G (natural) Rivers: _ 34o03'43.3"S 18o29'51.7"E
Rondevlei K (natural) K3R003Q01, Rivers: _ 33o59'37.6"S 22o42'40.8"E
Roode Els (reservoir) H2R001Q01, Rivers: Sanddrifskloof 33o25'55.2"S 19o34'03.1"E
Roodekopjes (reservoir) A2R015Q01, Rivers: Crocodile Sterkstroom 25o26'47.5"S 27o36'55.9"E
Roodeplaat (reservoir) A2R009Q01, Rivers: Edendalespruit Hartbeesspruit Pienaars 25o38'12.4"S 28o21'39.7"E
Roodepoort B (reservoir) B3R004Q01, Rivers: Selons 25o24'10.8"S 29o29'17.2"E
Roodepoort C (reservoir) C7R002Q01, Rivers: _ 27o13'17"S 27o31'19.2"E
Roodepoort467KR (reservoir) Rivers: Plat 24o51'48.3"S 28o15'33.5"E
Roodepoort468 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 29o32'38.6"S 26o35'01.1"E
Rooiberg (reservoir) D5R001Q01, alias Rooidam, Rivers: Hartbees 29o25'01.2"S 21o12'32"E
Rooibosrand (reservoir) Rivers: _ 23o15'37.9"S 31o10'07.6"E
Rooikraal (reservoir) B3R003Q01, Rivers: _ 25o17'57.2"S 29o38'58"E
Rooikrantz (reservoir) R2R002Q01, alias Rooikrans;Quesha, Rivers: Buffalo 32o45'01.8"S 27o19'07"E
Rosherville (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o13'24.3"S 28o06'22.2"E
Rust De Winter (reservoir) B3R001Q01, Rivers: Elands 25o14'06.2"S 28o29'37.9"E
Rustfontein (reservoir) C5R003Q01, Rivers: Modder 29o18'43.9"S 26o37'24.4"E
Sand River (reservoir) M1R003Q01, Rivers: _ 26o00'03.8"S 31o41'58.8"E
Sandile (reservoir) R1R001Q01, Rivers: Keiskamma Wolf 32o42'29.6"S 27o06'08.8"E
Saulspoort (reservoir) C8R004Q01, Rivers: As Liebenbergsvlei 28o14'52.2"S 28o23'21"E
Schuilhoek081 (reservoir) Rivers: Noupoortspruit 31o01'17.6"S 24o47'36.9"E
Schweitzer Reneke (reservoir) C3R001Q01, Rivers: Harts 27o08'55.9"S 25o21'09.9"E
Scroda (reservoir) Rivers: _ 22o11'33.4"S 29o26'02.4"E
Sehujwane (reservoir) A3R005Q01, Rivers: Sandsloot 25o18'43"S 25o56'59.3"E
Serfontein (reservoir) C6R002Q01, Rivers: Randjiespruit Vals 27o43'18.6"S 27o19'01.4"E
Settlers (reservoir) P3R002Q01, Rivers: Kariega Palmiet 33o24'44.3"S 26o29'42.6"E
Shiyalongubo (reservoir) X1R002Q01, Rivers: Ugutugulo 25o45'23.7"S 31o15'47.8"E
Shongweni (reservoir) U6R001Q01, alias Ntshongweni, Rivers: Sterkspruit Wekeweke uMlazi 29o51'16.4"S 30o43'09.4"E
Singisi (reservoir) T5R002Q01, Rivers: _ 30o15'08.6"S 29o32'12"E
Slagboom (reservoir) N4R001Q01, Rivers: Wit 33o22'17.6"S 25o40'15.4"E
Slingersfontein186 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 30o25'00.1"S 24o29'38.8"E
Smartt Syndicate (reservoir) D6R002Q01, Rivers: Groen Ongers 30o39'02.4"S 23o16'54.9"E
Soetendalsvlei (natural) Rivers: Nuwejaar 34o43'05.1"S 19o58'49.5"E
Sout Pan (natural) C3R004Q01, Rivers: _ 26o41'50.9"S 25o27'20.3"E
Soutpoort (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o23'27.3"S 22o43'41.4"E
Spioenkop (reservoir) V1R001Q01, Rivers: Thukela Venterspruit 28o40'59.2"S 29o27'45.7"E
Spitskop (reservoir) C3R002Q01, Rivers: Harts Hol 28o04'04.6"S 24o33'36.4"E
Steenbras (Lower) (reservoir) G4R001Q01, Rivers: Steenbras 34o10'47"S 18o52'35"E
Steenbras (Upper) (reservoir) G4R007Q01, Rivers: Steenbras 34o09'41.6"S 18o55'35.8"E
Sterkfontein (reservoir) C8R003Q01, Rivers: Nuwejaarspruit 28o27'49.2"S 29o01'21.8"E
Sterkwater189 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 30o23'12.5"S 26o41'53.4"E
Stettynskloof (reservoir) H1R002Q01, Rivers: Holsloot 33o50'19.9"S 19o14'38.8"E
Stols River (reservoir) J2R005Q01, alias Stolsrivierdam, Rivers: _ 32o25'26.8"S 22o28'08.4"E
Stompdrift (reservoir) J3R002Q01, Rivers: Olifants 33o30'46"S 22o38'32.1"E
Strydpoort (reservoir) Rivers: Sanddrifspruit 30o31'50.2"S 26o36'13.3"E
Susandal (reservoir) A5R002Q01, alias Susandale, Rivers: Lephalala 23o23'21.1"S 28o01'35"E
Swart River (reservoir) K3R001Q01, alias George Dam, Rivers: Swart 33o54'39.4"S 22o29'40.9"E
Swartruggens (reservoir) A2R013Q01, Rivers: Elands 25o39'51.4"S 26o41'32.1"E
Swartvlei (natural) K4R002Q01, Rivers: Diep Hoekraal Karatara Sedgefield 34o00'20.6"S 22o46'29.3"E
Taaibosspruit (reservoir) Rivers: Taaibosspruit 26o20'17.1"S 26o22'10.9"E
Tau (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o09'57.7"S 25o08'04.3"E
Taung (reservoir) C3R006Q01, Rivers: Harts 27o31'22.7"S 24o51'09.9"E
Theewaterskloof (reservoir) H6R001Q01, Rivers: Du_Toits Elands Riviersonderend Waterkloof 34o01'48.2"S 19o12'13.2"E
Tierpoort (reservoir) C5R001Q01, Rivers: _ 29o24'37.8"S 26o09'11.1"E
Toleni (reservoir) S7R003Q01, Rivers: Toleni 32o22'19.6"S 27o58'47.9"E
Tonteldoos (reservoir) B4H016Q01, Rivers: Tonteldoos 25o16'48.8"S 29o56'30.6"E
Touws River Estuary (natural) K3R006Q01, alias Wilderness Lagoon, Rivers: Serpentine Touws 33o59'32.2"S 22o35'41.2"E
Trichardsfontein (reservoir) B1R999Q01, Rivers: _ 26o30'02.7"S 29o15'09.6"E
Tsa-Kholo (natural) Rivers: Tsanatalana 29o40'25.2"S 27o09'35.1"E
Tsojana (reservoir) S5R002Q01, Rivers: Ncuncuzo 31o52'59.8"S 27o37'29.3"E
Turfloop (reservoir) Rivers: Pou 23o53'04.5"S 29o46'24.2"E
Tweefontein143 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 32o28'37.8"S 24o10'57.6"E
Tweespruit 90 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 29o11'44.4"S 27o03'20.7"E
Tzaneen (reservoir) B8R005Q01, Rivers: Groot_Letaba Mahitse Politsi 23o48'28.8"S 30o08'27.3"E
Uitkyk22JP (reservoir) Rivers: Tholwane 25o13'16.2"S 26o27'04.2"E
Umgababa (reservoir) U7R001Q01, Rivers: _ 30o08'42.6"S 30o48'08.6"E
Umtata (reservoir) T2R001Q01, Rivers: Mtata 31o30'04"S 28o42'24.5"E
Upper Langvlei (natural) K3R004Q01, Rivers: _ 33o59'16.5"S 22o40'43.1"E
Vaal (reservoir) C1R001Q01, Rivers: Grootspruit Klip Molspruit Vaal Wilge 26o58'29.2"S 28o17'49.3"E
Vaal Barrage (reservoir) C2R008Q01, Rivers: Klip Rietspruit Suikerbosrant Taaibosspruit Vaal 26o43'53.4"S 27o51'45.2"E
Vaalharts (reservoir) C9R001Q01, Rivers: Vaal 28o06'33.3"S 24o57'35.7"E
Vaalkop (reservoir) A2R014Q01, Rivers: Elands Hex 25o20'18.8"S 27o26'43.7"E
Van Stadens - Lower (reservoir) Rivers: Van_Stadens 33o52'48.8"S 25o12'38.4"E
Van Stadens - Upper (reservoir) M2R001Q01, Rivers: Van_Stadens 33o51'08.2"S 25o13'28.2"E
Vanderkloof (reservoir) D3R003Q01, Rivers: Berg Hondeblaf Knapsak Orange Seekoei 30o09'35.3"S 24o53'25.1"E
Vanryn (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o09'01.9"S 28o21'18.3"E
Vanryneveldspas (reservoir) N1R001Q01, Rivers: Broederstroom Pienaars Sondags 32o12'34.4"S 24o31'01.1"E
Vanwyksvlei (reservoir) D5R002Q01, alias Van Wyksvlei Dam, Rivers: _ 30o24'04.7"S 21o48'01.4"E
Verlorevlei (natural) G3R001Q01, alias Verlore Vlei, Rivers: Verlorevlei 32o20'51.3"S 18o23'56.2"E
Victor Penning (reservoir) Rivers: _ 26o09'31"S 28o21'41.6"E
Victoria Lake (natural) Rivers: _ 26o13'48.7"S 28o09'32.8"E
Victoria West (reservoir) D6R001Q01, Rivers: Brak 31o24'10.3"S 23o05'56.8"E
Vischgat (reservoir) A5R001Q01, Rivers: Lephalala 23o38'07.8"S 28o09'42.9"E
Vlugkraal (reservoir) B4R002Q01, Rivers: Vlugkraal 25o13'50.9"S 29o57'05"E
Voelvlei (reservoir) G1R001Q01, Rivers: _ 33o22'04.3"S 19o02'37.7"E
Vogelvlei (natural) Rivers: _ 34o40'08.7"S 19o52'36.6"E
Vondo (reservoir) A9R002Q01, Rivers: Mutshindudi 22o56'44.5"S 30o20'13.4"E
Vryelaagte529 (reservoir) Rivers: Reitzvilleleegte 31o03'27.1"S 22o06'09.6"E
Vygeboom (reservoir) X1R003Q01, Rivers: Komati 25o51'48.1"S 30o37'00.1"E
Wagendrift (reservoir) V7R001Q01, Rivers: Boesmans 29o03'38.6"S 29o50'00.6"E
Warmbad (reservoir) A2R008Q01, Rivers: Plat 24o50'54.4"S 28o14'09.7"E
Waterdown (reservoir) S3R001Q01, Rivers: Diep Klipplaat 32o18'15.8"S 26o51'41.3"E
Welbedacht (reservoir) D2R004Q01, Rivers: Bloemspruit Caledon 29o52'05"S 26o53'53.2"E
Welgelegen74N (reservoir) Rivers: Seekoei 31o28'16.8"S 24o16'21.9"E
Welgelegen74W (reservoir) Rivers: Seekoei 31o29'09"S 24o15'11.9"E
Weltevrede (reservoir) C7R003Q01, Rivers: _ 27o12'57.4"S 27o34'36"E
Wemmershoek (reservoir) G1R002Q01, Rivers: Drakenstein Olifants Wemmershoek 33o49'20.5"S 19o05'39.5"E
West End (reservoir) Rivers: Mareetsane 26o04'05.6"S 25o03'58.1"E
Westoe (reservoir) W5R002Q01, Rivers: Usutu 26o29'09.9"S 30o35'47.9"E
Wildevoelvlei (natural) Rivers: _ 34o08'05.1"S 18o21'26.1"E
Willem Brummer (reservoir) Rivers: Klein-Xspruit 26o27'31.7"S 29o55'20.3"E
Witbank (reservoir) B1R001Q01, Rivers: Noupoort Olifants 25o56'30.9"S 29o17'56.1"E
Witklip (reservoir) X2R003Q01, Rivers: Kruisfonteinspruit Sand 25o13'21.6"S 30o53'32"E
Witpoort394IP (reservoir) Rivers: Buisfonteinspruit 26o43'15.9"S 26o33'35"E
Woodstock (reservoir) V1R003Q01, Rivers: Mnweni Mpandweni Nxwaye Thukela 28o43'39.4"S 29o11'12.3"E
Wriggleswade (reservoir) S6R002Q01, Rivers: Kubusi 32o34'32.7"S 27o33'48.3"E
Xilinxa (reservoir) S7R002Q01, Rivers: Xilinxa 32o07'47.5"S 28o04'48.7"E
Xonxa (reservoir) S1R001Q01, Rivers: Wit-Kei 31o49'16.4"S 27o07'54.5"E
Zaaihoek (reservoir) V3R003Q01, Rivers: Slang 27o25'51"S 30o05'32.2"E
Zandvlei (natural) alias Sandvlei, Rivers: _ 34o05'37.5"S 18o28'19"E
Zeekoevlei (natural) Rivers: _ 34o03'41.7"S 18o30'47.7"E
Zeekoevlei Works (mat. pond) Rivers: _ 34o04'59.3"S 18o31'04.8"E
Zoete Valey 115 (reservoir) Rivers: _ 31o34'52.8"S 24o13'37.7"E
Zwiegelaars (reservoir) H6R003Q01, Rivers: Waterkloof 34o05'46.2"S 19o07'08.2"E
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