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    Vaal Dam catchment  

Catchment between
Vaal - and Bloemhof Dams

Catchment between Bloemhof 
   dam and confluence with Orange  

Catchment upstream of 
  confluence with Vaal  
Catchment downstream
of  Orange-Vaal confluence
Stations in: Upper Vaal (Blue row indicates station is a dam)
StationPlaceDate/TimeStage (m)Flow/Cap.
C1H007Vaal at Bloukop2017-10-17 17:000.0052.91
C1H006Blesbok at Rietvley2017-10-17 17:000.1190.12
C1R002Vaal at Grootdraai Dam2017-10-17 17:0024.77677.25%
C1H019Outflow from Grootdraai Dam2017-10-17 17:000.3371.06
C1H015Klip at Delangesdrift no data 
C1H012Vaal at Gladdedrift2017-10-17 17:000.2090.32
C1H008Watervals at Elandslaagte2017-10-15 17:000.4770.17
C8H036Ash at outlet from Katse Dam2017-10-05 11:361.35932.66
C8R004Liebenbergsvlei at Saulspoort Dam2017-10-05 08:4810.495101.08%
C8H037Liebenbergsvlei at Reward2017-10-16 05:000.61134.00
C8H020Liebenbergsvlei at Roodekraal2017-10-17 11:000.63427.68
C8H026Liebenbergsvlei at Frederiksdal2017-10-18 04:000.85730.62
C8R003Nuwejaarspr at Sterkfontein Dam2017-10-05 08:3679.37593.33%
C8R008Namahadi at Fika-Patso Dam no data 
C8R002Metsi Matsho at Metsi-Matsho Dam no data 
C8H005Elands at Elands River Drift2017-10-05 12:240.1030.87
C8H005Elands at Elands River Drift no data 
C8H023Meul River at The Willows no data 
C8H003Cornelis at Warden2017-10-16 05:00-0.5220.00
C8H028Wilge at Bavaria no data 
C8H027Wilge at Ballingtomp2017-10-18 04:000.4502.16
C8H030Wilge at Cableway no data 
C8H030Wilge at Cableway2017-10-18 03:480.94429.37
C8H001Wilge at Frankfort2017-10-17 21:000.53025.50
C1R001Vaal at Vaal Dam2017-10-18 04:0021.10083.28%
C2H122Outflow from Vaal Dam2017-10-17 22:000.51413.91
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