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The Minister of Water and Sanitation, Mr Gugile Nkwinti, has called for the Ministerial Interactive Session with Water and Sanitation Sector to be held on the 10th of November 2019 to engage with the sector to find solutions facing both the department and the sector as well as to showcase the work of emerging and grassroots innovation and excellence and to promote dialogue on supporting new innovations in the water and sanitation space.

The Ministerial Interactive Session with Water and Sanitation Sector will bring together stakeholders and leadership in the water and sanitation sector including innovators across the country to discuss the challenges that continue to face the sector and how best can these challenges be resolved. The conference will also explore the commercial aspects of innovations in the sector and identify areas of investment in infrastructure projects and in making the water and sanitation sector to be enticing to the investment community.

A number of key individuals and institutions as well as stakeholders and innovators have been identified in the sector as experts in their field to advise each other on a number of issues that directly and indirectly affect them and to bring about positive changes in the sector.

The format of the Conference will be a combination of breakaway sessions, plenary presentations and panel discussion as well as a walk through in the exhibition on popular water and sanitation products. The themes of the plenary session will include:

Theme 1

  • Water Purification and Waste Water Packaged Plants
  • Dual Strategy; Desalinated and Ground Surface Water

Theme 2

  • Sanitation (Acceleration of eradication of buckets, dry and waterless sanitation)

Theme 3

  • Contribution to Green and Blue Drops

Theme 4

  • Strengthening and accelerating water authorisation and licencing

Theme 5

  • Detection and Prevention of Water Leaks
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