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15 - 21 MARCH


Working together we can save more water

  • The theme feeds off the Government’s theme “working together we can do more”. It emphasise the fact that we all have a role to play in water conservation.


  • How the Water for Growth and Development initiative will support the economy by well planned and managed water infrastructure into the future while ensuring all South Africans benefit.

  • Water contributes to job creation and skills development.

  • Water’s contribution to economic development and rural development.

  • Water plays a major role in the hospitality industry going to 2010 Soccer World Cup.

  • Water’s role in addressing the social equity and poverty alleviation.

  • Government’s progress with regards to access to basic water supply and free basic water.

  • The necessity of water conservation and demand management.

  • Creating awareness around water safety in sport and the recreational use of water.

  • Ensuring the cleanliness and the integrity of our water resources.

  • The Department’s role in regulating water quality.