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EVENTS - 2011

Youth Summit, 24-28 June 2011

The Youth Summit is an initiative by the Department of Water Affairs to contribute towards the development of the youth of South Africa. The summit is celebrated during the Youth Month annually and this year it will be take place at the Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre from 25 to 28 June 2011.

The Youth Summit was established in 2009 it is a platform for the department to encourage school learners to choose careers in the water sectors to address skills shortage in the scientific and engineering fields.

In the previous years the youth summit was mainly based on excursions with minimum engagements amongst the youth. The new approach that has been introduced for this year is to have commissions with themes within the broader water and environment field. However, the excursions have not been excluded as they form an important part of this programme.

Award Ceremony

The award ceremony is divided into three categories, which are SA Youth Water Prize, Aqua Enduro and Baswa le Meetse. Baswa le Meetse has five sub-categories, namely Drama, Poster, Poetry, Praise Singing and Singing.

The national winners in the SA Youth Water Prize represent the country at the Stockholm Youth Water Prize in Sweden. They also win a full scholarship for their tertiary education in water related courses. In previous years 16 winners of Aqua Enduro would receive full scholarships to further their studies in water related courses. We are proud to announce that this number has gone up to 20 from this year onward with the Dutch government also contributing. The finalists for all the Baswa le Meetse categories win media centre rooms for their schools, which are sponsored by MTN and water play pumps.