National Water Week: 02 - 08 March 2009
22-May-2009 12:49 PM  
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The National Water Week is celebrated annually often to coincide with World Water Day. During the week the department raises the importance, awareness and understanding of water issues and challenges and then highlight initiatives that have been put in place to address them, the role it plays in the first and second economy interventions, job creation, highlight progress made towards reaching water related MDGs and provide a platform to engage the public and stakeholders.

Vision and scope of the campaign

Water is a precious and yet finite resource. Projections from experts point to the fact that demand on water resources will continue to increase at a fast pace in the coming decades with the Africa, the Middle East, Central and Eastern Asia being the most affected. It is with this backdrop that this year’s campaign aims at ensuring efficient and responsible use of water by all stakeholders from the community to industry. This will assist in meeting the economic growth targets as well as ensuring that every citizen has access to this precious resource and that future generations are provided for.
The planned events are aimed contributing towards achieving the following:

  • Highlighting the crucial link between water and health with the objective of eradicating water-borne diseases like cholera which is currently affecting communities in some parts of the country particularly in Limpopo and Mpumalanga.
  • Launching the Water for Growth and Development Framework.
  • Partaking in the World Water Forum in Istanbul Turkey as way of showcasing the strides we have made as a country in the water sector through policy development and implementation, technology and innovation as well as making a case for South Africa to host the next World Water Forum in 2012.
  • Recognise and award stakeholders who are involved in water conservation, water demand management sectors, categorised as follows: industry and mining and power, forestry, agriculture and Domestic and Local Government.
  • Ensuring that the cleanliness and the integrity of our water sources and outlets is maintained
  • Ensuring the long term sustainability of our water resources
  • Empowering communities, especially women, in managing and improving their living conditions
  • Developing an aware and responsible South African society across the demographic spectrum
  • Supporting the Baswa Le Meetse Awards 2009 (Youth in Water Awards)
  • Celebrating Water as a source of life


Water is Life – Securing the Nation’s Water Needs across Generations.


Did you know that when brushing teeth with a running tap you use almost 7.5 litres of water and when taking a 5 minute shower you consume 25 – 30 Litres of water?
Remember South Africa is one of the driest countries in the world. The way we handle our water resources has a bearing on the future generations.
Join the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry as we celebrate the National Water Week from 2 – 8 March under the theme: Water is Life; Securing the Nation’s Needs Across Generation
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