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EVENTS - 2013

Women in Water Awards, 23 August 2013


 The Department of Water Affairs (DWA) strives to ensure that all South Africans have access to clean water. It aims to promote effective and efficient water resources management to ensure sustainable economic and social development.

There are many women groups that have made their mark in the water sector. To recognise this noble role they have played in the sector, the Women in Water Awards were introduced. This initiative aims to honour and celebrate the hard work of women and highlights the following:

  • The participation of professional and community-based women in water management; and

  • The key role women play with regard to water and poverty eradication, water and education and water and sustainable development in both urban and rural settings.

The Women in Water Awards will serve as a vehicle for DWA to appreciate and recognise the good work women have been doing; encourage perseverance in difficult conditions and for other communities to learn good practices of water management.

The Women in Water Awards will take place during the Women’s Month and will be presented to groups of women, CBO, NGO that have best water related projects that are truly initiated and managed by women in municipalities. The awards serve as an honour to women of stature, who have excelled in their field and have made a significant contribution to the water sector in South Africa.

The awards will be in the form of funds intended for project support. This year we present awards to women who have played leading roles in four categories:

  • Adopt a River

  • Education and awareness

  • Water conservation

  • Community development


  • Most innovation rain water harvesting-project/s

  • Most effective ground water/bore holes management project/s

  • Most effective water user association/s project/s

  • Cleaning/purification of water project/s

  • River clean-ups