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EVENTS - 2013

4th Municipal Water Quality Conference, 7 - 11 July 2013

The Water Quality Conference is an annual event where experts from the water sector come together to discuss issues arising within the sector. Participants include Municipal Officials working in the Water Services Units, Officials in the Water Sector and Water Affairs Officials. An award ceremony is always held on the last day of the conference to recognise all the municipalities that are working hard to ensure that they delivering a service of high standard to their communities.


In September 2008, during the Municipal Indaba held at the Birchwood Conference Centre, the Department of Water Affairs announced the introduction of the Blue Drop Green Drop Incentive Based Certification Programme. This assessment system is based on the management of Drinking Water Quality and Waste Water treatment by municipalities. This initiative is aimed at ensuring that municipalities comply with the South African National Water Standard (SANS21) of Drinking Water Quality.

The Blue Drop Green Drop comes as a response to allegations made by the media and other institutions that South African water is not safe for human consumption. This led to consultants who market water filter equipment to capitalise on these allegations to increase their sales in our communities.

In awarding the municipalities post 2010, the Water Safety Plan will be used as the key criterion for the Blue Drop Green Drop programme. This will ensure that significant energy is created amongst water services institutions to develop and implement water safety plans within the next 12 months. The Water Safety Plan was jointly introduced in 2006 by the Department of Water Affairs and the Water Research Council (WRC) to roll out a generic plan for small systems. Thus far, only the major cities (2010 host cities) are equipped with Water Safety Plans.