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EVENTS - 2012

South African Youth Water Prize, 7-8 June 2012


The South African Youth Water Prize (SAYWP) competition is a science & technology based project. This competition begins at provincial level and proceeds to the national level. The national winner represents South Africa in the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) in Stockholm, Sweden to compete with other learners from 30 countries annually. The objectives of the SAYWP competition are:

  • To promote the protection of South Africa’s natural resources.

  • To encourage and empower the youth to participate actively in integrated and community based water resource management.

  • To expose and enhance the interest of the youth to science and technology.

  • To motivate the youth to pursue water, sanitation and forestry management careers; and to provide opportunities for the youth to interact with their peers, in order share knowledge and experiences related to water and the environment, nationally and internationally.

The SAYWP competition is divided into the following categories:

  • Awareness category – is a research project that identifies problem, takes action, and recommends the solutions.

  • Invention category – is a research project that identifies problem, takes action, and develops a technical model or invention that can be used to solve the problem identified.

Learners should:

  • identify problems related to water, sanitation and forestry in their school or community e.g. water wastage, pollution of water sources (wells, rivers, etc.) water borne diseases, invasive alien plants, etc;

  • initiate a project, do research and recommend solutions that will solve the identified problem.

High school learners from Grade 9 – 11 or from similar institutions can participate to the SAYWP.
TThe following individuals can also participate:

  • individuals or groups of learners not more than 3

  • individuals or groups not older than 20 years

  • individuals or groups who are innovative and passionate about water and the environment,

  • individuals or groups who have a special interest in the sciences and technology