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EVENTS - 2011

Aqua Enduro Camp, December 2011

Aqua Enduro is an initiative by the Department of Water Affairs to address the skills shortage in the scientific and engineering disciplines within the water sector. It seeks to bring together young people from around the country for a week-long event filled with water activities, sport and games. The idea is to engage young people in mental and physical activities that test their intellectual capabilities and stamina while learning about water and having fun, hence the slogan “Learn Water through Fun and Play”.

Grade 11 learners who study Mathematics and Science can participate in this competition. As part of the competition entry, learners are expected to submit a poster on the importance of water quality as well as an essay on why they are interested in the water field, how to promote World Water Monitoring Day at their schools and a motivation why DWA should consider them for the Aqua Enduro 2011 participation. Each province selects 6 learners from the applications received. The 54 learners with their educators as well as representatives from the DWA regional offices are invited to a weeklong camp in December every year.

 Activities during the competition include visiting water purification and waste water treatment plants, testing of water resources, physical competition, drinking water quality sampling, and participation in a quiz from site visits, treasure hunting on drinking water quality and many more.

Finalists in the competition receive a full scholarship towards a career in water. Finalists are mentored by sector partners during their Grade 12 year and their tertiary studies to ensure that they are prepared to work in the sector. These finalists also participate in the annual Youth Summit in a prestigious event that recognises the participation and contribution made by the youth as ambassadors in water-related programmes.