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EVENTS - 2011

3rd African Conference on Sanitation and Hygiene, 19-21 July 2011

The conference objectives are to:

  • Present and exchange knowledge on strategies to overcome key bottlenecks to implementing large scale sanitation and hygiene programs.

  • Strengthen the evidence base for scaling up sanitation and hygiene programs in Africa

  • Kick start the 5 year drive to get Africa back on track to meet the sanitation MDG and achieve sustainable universal coverage.

The preliminary programme includes two types of learning opportunities:

  1. Thematic learning exchange, which draws from key experiences and studies to address critical issues

  2. Seminars hosted by agencies or groups of agencies, showcasing their latest thinking and findings.

The Second African Conference on Sanitation and Hygiene – AfricaSan+5 – took place in Durban, South Africa from February 18–21, 2008. It produced the eThekwini Declaration, which included “firm resolutions to place sanitation and hygiene at the top of the development agenda in Africa”.