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EVENTS - 2014




The department is faced with the responsibility of educating communities about the importance of saving water and understanding the efforts put into ensuring water quality is of a good standard as prescribed by World Health Organisation (WHO). The quality of our drinking water has always been under scrutiny and poses a challenge to us as communicators. The Blue Drop Green Drop Campaign is aimed at labeling municipalities that meet the standard of the drinking water quality and it is important that the communities understand what it means for them if their Municipality has a Blue/Green Drop status. The Blue Drop Green Drop Campaign is aimed at labeling municipalities that meet the standard of the drinking water quality and it is important that we have a responsibility as individuals to behave in a way that recognize that we are a water scarce country by practicing water conserving habits and taking our responsibility towards supporting the maintenance of infrastructure that gets water to us.


  • Public education and awareness Campaigns are aimed at the profiling the department and educating communities.

  • To create interest among the communities to be involved in helping the department to fight the challenge of water wastage and pollution as well as.

  • To make communities understand the processes involved in water purification and waste water management.

  • To make the communities understand the impact of polluting our water resources.

  • To educate the communities on the different methods of saving water, keeping the water resources clean, keeping their water clean and safe to drink, s well as practices to follow to avoid water borne diseases.


Blue Bus

The Blue Bus to be part of the pre Macufe Activations areas around the FS. Messages during the activations will be accustomed to be relevant to address the challenges that communities in that area experience.

Radio Advert

The Minister or an identified official to inform the communities about the partnership and its purpose.


The department to have an exhibition stand at the Craft market centre to educate people about water saving from 5 - 10 October 2014.


Flighting of Water Saving messages:

- During the Macufe main festival and other indoor events

- During the Macufe Cup.

A platform for our Mascot during the halftime of the game in the field

Activations with the Blue Bus during the main festival from 11:00-16:00 on 11 October 2014 and distribution of promotional material as well as water to the public.

The campaigns aimed at educating communities in with the intention to establish a relationship with our communities to assist government in addressing the pressing issues of water saving and water pollution. This platform and others that have been identified will ensure the achievement of the Department’s commitment to cut water losses by 50% in 2015.





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