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EVENTS - 2011

1st Agriculture and Water Dialogue, 24 – 27 May 2011


The 1st Africa Agriculture and Water Dialogue will be held at the Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre, Fourways, Johannesbug on 24 to 27 May 2011. This is an African event for Africans that creates a platform that brings together various institutions, individuals from the private and public sector, academia and NGO's, to discuss solutions on the impact of Climate Change on agriculture and sustainable land and water management. It is the first of subsequent annual events that will be in various cities of the continent in the future.

 Sustainable land and Water management in Africa is now more critical today than ever before. Crop output is dwindling and water management and storage infrastructure is desperately needed more than before to fast track and sustain socioeconomic development on the continent. Dialogue is long overdue to find solutions that charter a path into a future that guarantees sustainable food production.

What the Dialogue seeks to achieve

The rationale for the Dialogue is short and simple: To ensure the viability, sustainability and profitability of Africa’s vital agricultural and Water sector for generations to come.

The Dialogue seeks to bring together the private sector, agriculture ministers from across the continent, a cross section of leading international experts in this field, farming and food experts, NGOs, climate experts and other top government representatives in an effort to reach lasting conclusions about Africa’s agriculture and water growth.