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DWA has an Information Centre and Map shop run by the Directorate: Spatial and Land Information Management. The MAPSHOP is accessible to the public at 157 Schoeman Street, Pretoria (in front of Emanzini Building). The shop stocks maps, orthophotos, aerial photography, posters, pamphlets and booklets. . Most of the publications are distributed at no cost, but in some cases a handling fee is charged. Maps printed by the Chief Directorate of Surveys and Mapping as well as aerial photography can also be purchased from the shop. The shop is open from 08:00 until 12:30 and from 13:30 to 15:00. Contact the MAPSHOP at:

Simon Mabasa
Tel: (012) 336 7249
Fax: (012) 336 7251
E-mail: rbm@dwa.gov.za

Jeanne de Klerk
Tel: (012) 336 8047
Fax: (012) 336 7251
E-mail: jdeklerk@dwa.gov.za


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