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This section handles the:

  • Land management::

    • Identification, designing and verification of dam boundaries (purchase areas and affected properties) for DWS water works, and restrictions for land development around all DWS water infrastructures.

    • The Identification and verification of 1: 100 Flood lines and Full Supply water levels is useful in the designing of purchase beacons.

  • Land Surveying (Cadastral Surveying):

    • Survey services for the demarcation of land to obtain land rights. This may include subdivisions and/or consolidation of properties for the purpose of DWS water works. Real property rights are therefore registered in favour of DWS.

  • Expropriation of Land:

    • Land Management is responsible for the supply of correct expropriation data of Land needed by the Department for the building of dams, Canals, Pipelines, Weirs etc.,

  • Alienation of Land:

    • To enable the Department of Water and Sanitation to transfer land to other parastatal organisations like Water Boards, SAFCOL etc. This office supplies the correct data to sub- divide the relevant properties that are transferred.

    • Servitudes are registered in favour of Water and Sanitation to locate the position of pipelines and for the right-of-way, access to all water infrustructures.

    • Issues land before the Land Claims court must be cleared by this division.

  • Forest Maps:

    • Forestry Maps are prepared and updated for all forest areas under control of the Department. New forest areas that were previously under control of the Former Independent States and the Homelands are being attended to. This work is done in conjunction with the Photogrammetry Division.

Topo-Cadastral Draughting services:

This division calculates Cadastral data and provides a CAD and draughting service within a survey environment.

Our main objective in this office is the accurate capture of property and spatial data.

Documentation of purchase areas and servitudes are the main task. This is done after beacons planning. The documentation consists of ground schedules, diagrams, locality plans and compilations where the affected areas are highlighted. This section also does the Topo-Cadastral back-drop onto pipeline profiles. A strip of the necessary Topo-Cadastral information is plotted onto the pipeline profile plans and both longitudinal and cross sections. Data of the structures and the dimensions of longitudinal and cross sections are scribed onto a plan. Plans for proclamations are compiled for the Government Gazette of a proclaimed area. The plan shows all main rivers, towns, dams and roads.

The Cadastral section:

A project required the collecting of all concerned dam and servitude diagrams, compilations, general plans


Responsible for alienation of land and State resources by:

  1. Identification of areas for alienation

  2. Land Surveying of the areas for alienation

  3. Providing documentation for registration of new rights

  4. Warehousing and issuing of information on land under DWS custodianship

  5. Identification of properties and ownership for departmental use


Waterworks Section handles:

  • Identification, sourcing and capturing of cadastral data for dams and waterworks

  • Preparation of cadastral plans and survey documents

  • Design of servitude or purchase areas

  • Preparation of documentation for expropriation (locally plans, plans, diagrams, property indexes, ground schedules), provision of certified copies of S.G. Diagrams

  • Issue and control of Tenders for cadastral surveys

  • Warehousing of information in a project context

  • Provision of information on property rights on dams and waterworks

Forestry Section handles:

  • Sourcing and capture of cadastral data for forests

  • Determination and alienation of property rights for forests

  • Issue and control of Tenders for cadastral surveys

  • Production of cadastral plans and participating in preparation of GIS maps

  • Warehousing of information in a project context

  • Provision of information on property under forests rights

  • LIS

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