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The main objective of Crocodile West River System Reconciliation Strategy study is to put in place arrangements and resources for the ongoing maintenance and implementation of the Strategy and also to establish a Strategy Steering Committee (SSC) with a clearly defined mandate.

The Strategy was primarily focussed on the quantitive reconciliation of the requirements for and availability of water, with due consideration of water quality where it impacts on the reconciliation. Its main aim is to ensure sufficient and reliable supply of water of appropriate quality to all existing as well as future users, taking into account provision for the ecological Reserve. This should be achieved within the framework of the best utilisation of water resources, at the lowest cost and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The Strategy is targeted at water related issues. It caters for existing as well as future needs and is sufficiently comprehensive and flexible to enable quick response to changing circumstances. The Strategy is cognisant of possible future scenarios and impacts, and identifies preferred options and interventions that could be implemented as being most appropriate to the situation. Although a chronology of events and time scales are considered, the Strategy should not be viewed as a rigid singular plan with fixed sequencing and time scales. Rather, it is intended to be both flexible and robust under changing conditions. The development of the strategy was facilitated in an open process and one of the mechanisms employed was a Steering Committee that is representative of sectors important to the study. The Steering Committee is a voluntary body operating at a strategic level and ensuring that the technical aspect of the study is transparent, open and consultative and that cooperative governance is embraced.

Further objectives of the study are:

  • Analysis of water demand profile and future water requirements;

  • Identification of interventions that will reconcile water requirements with available water up to 2030; and

  • Integration of augmentation and bulk supply options to achieve optimized overall benefits.

  • Prepare a report for the 2012 Crocodile West River System Reconciliation Strategy

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