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The updated Waste Discharge/Disposal related
 registration forms in terms of section 21 e/f/g/h
of the National Water Act, 36 of 1998

For enquiries regarding Water Use Licensing please contact
Mr. Nhlayisi Ndubane: (012) 336 8851 or
Mr. Khosa Tsunduka: (012) 336 7496 or

For enquiries regarding registration of water use authorisations contact
Khutso Mabela: (012) 336 7121 or
Callinah Baloyi: (012) 336 7096 or
the Regional Office in your area.

Water Use License Application Form Water Use License Application Form Filling Guide
Raw Water Related Licensing Forms Lisensievorms
Waste Discharge/disposal related Licensing Forms
Supplementary Forms Aanvullende Vorms






(Only the official DWA forms are acceptable. Any alterations to the original forms will be ignored.)

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