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Study Objectives

The main objective of Vaal River System Reconciliation Strategy study was to put in place arrangements and resources for the ongoing maintenance and implementation of the Strategy and also to establish a Strategy Steering Committee (SSC) with a clearly defined mandate.

The various inter-basin transfers linking the VRS with other WMAs require the development of strategies that are consistent with the water supply situation in the adjacent systems. In particular the formulation of coherent reconciliation scenarios and strategies with the Crocodile (West) River System has been achieved through close coordination and integration of studies as well as through cross representation on the respective Strategy Steering Committees.

Following on the National Water Resource Strategy, Internal Strategic Perspectives (ISPs) were developed and the VRS ISP identified the need for four detailed studies:

  • An Integrated Water Quality Management Plan;

  • Water Conservation/ Water Demand Management (WC/WDM);

  • Vaal Reconciliation Strategy; and

  • A Comprehensive Reserve Determination.

The findings from all these studies were integrated to identify the following six pillars of the Reconciliation Strategy:

  • Eradicate unlawful irrigation water use;

  • Implement WC/WDM and aim to save 15% in the urban sector;

  • Prepare for the next augmentation scheme;

  • Implement water quality management measures;

  • Treat and use effluent with mine water as a priority; and

  • Establish a Strategy Steering Committee (SSC).




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