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Study Approach

The study is being undertaken by a dedicated diverse team of professionals. To ensure high quality of study deliverables, all the reports will be reviewed by a team of specialist from DWS and an external panel of peer reviewers from the project team.

Development of aspects of the strategy and action plan are being done by utilizing a work-shopping approach with a diverse team, initially at study team level and extended to the SSC.

The study is being undertaken in two Phases, namely:

Phase 1: Inception, comprising evaluating all information and the study proposal in close collaboration with DWS, culminating in an Inception Report.

Phase 2: Development of the Reconciliation Strategy, including evaluating Water requirements; Water availability and balance; Water development scenarios; Interventions, including their timing; Value of water economic assessment, and assessing Environmental Constraints, all with full Public participation and co-ordination.

Training and capacity building exercises shall be done for designated interns and/or technicians of DWS KwaZulu-Natal Regional Office or other relevant organizations within the scope of compiling reconciliation strategies for Richard’s Bay and surrounding towns.

The projects deliverables will be:-

P WMA 06/W100/00/3114/1 Richards Bay Reconcilitation study: Water Requirements
P WMA 06/W100/00/3114/2 Richards Bay Reconcilitation study: Water Balance
P WMA 06/W100/00/3114/3 Richards Bay Reconcilitation study: Interventions
P WMA 06/W100/00/3114/4 Richards Bay Reconcilitation study: Scenarios Evaluation
P WMA 06/W100/00/3114/5 Richards Bay Reconcilitation study: Reconciliation Strategy
P WMA 06/W100/00/3114/6 Richards Bay Reconcilitation study: Resource Classification Review


Together with all decision support tools developed for this assignment.


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