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Inception Report, January 2013

Surface Water Hydrology Report, August 2013

Appendix B - Stocstic Review, August 2013

Stochastic Plots (134), August 2013

Literature Review Report, September 2013

International Obligations, September 2014

Urban Water Conservation and Water Demand Management, September 2014

Irrigation Demands and Water ConservationWater Demand Management, September 2014

Water Quality, September 2014

Review Schemes and Update Cost Estimates, September 2014

Current and future Water Requirements, October 2014

Preliminary Screening Options Agreed Workshop of February 2013, November 2014

Final Reconciliation Strategy Report, January 2015

Reserve Requirement Scenarios and Scheme Yield, January 2015

Appendix A - Schematics WRYM, January 2015

Appendix B - Schematics WRPM, January 2015

Final Recon Strategy Executive Summary final, February 2015


Study Steering Committee Documents

Terms of Reference for SSC members

List of Members


Newsletters / Background Information Documents

BID No 1

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