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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement underpinned by effective administrative support is key to the successful implementation of the Strategy. Communication, sharing of information and engagement between members of the DWS, SSC and PSP structures are vital.

Stakeholder engagement for developing the reconciliation strategy

The following diagram depicts the processes of stakeholder engagement that were followed for the development of the reconciliation strategy.

The key stakeholders were represented on the Study Steering Committee and there were four meetings held of the SSC over the course of the study. A special meeting was called for the screening of possible intervention options.

The key stakeholders were informed approximately 4 – 6 months before the meetings of the date and venue of a particular meeting by email letter which was then followed up by telephone calls. Information, e.g. minutes of meetings, draft strategy reports, newsletters, etc. were also sent out by email.

Newsletters (development of the reconciliation strategy)

Three Newsletters were drafted to inform the broad public – the first one after the possible intervention options were screened, the second one after the Preliminary Reconciliation Strategy was drafted and the third one after the Final Reconciliation Strategy was completed. The first two newsletters were issued as hard copy during the SSC meetings to the key stakeholders and were also distributed further to organisations in order to reach a wider group of interested parties.

The newsletters can be accessed by using the following links:

Newsletter No 3

Newsletter No 2

Newsletter No 1

Stakeholder engagement for continuation/ maintenance of the reconciliation strategy

The following diagram depicts the processes of Stakeholder Engagement that will be followed and products to be provided to/ from the Strategy Steering Committee for the continuation/ maintenance of the reconciliation strategy.

Direct products to/ from the SSC Meetings and from SCC Members include:

  • Newsletters (to inform stakeholder regarding outcomes of the SCC)

  • Media Releases (to inform the general public on progress other issues related to the Strategy)

  • Status Reports (to summarize the status of achieving the strategy, developed by Technical Support group members and Intervention Champions)

  • Agenda, minutes and presentations (see Steering Committees page of this web-site)

The following sections provide the products as listed above for the SSC Meetings.

Strategy Steering Committee Meeting No 1: 7 March 2013

SSC Meeting No 1 –Status Report

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