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Project Overview

Water Demand Projections

The water supply area of the project includes the Lower South Coast Supply System and the Umzumbe semi-rural areas adjacent to the project. The supply footprint of the Umzumbe semi-rural area covers the lower Umzumbe area north-east of the project and is planned to “dove-tail” with Umgeni Waters Mlhabatshane scheme which will supply the upper Umzumbe rural areas.

Components of the Project

The proposed project will consist of the following components:

  • An OCS dam on either the Ncwabeni River (site D2) or Gugamela River (site D3A);

  • An abstraction weir on the Mzimkhulu River;

  • An abstraction works with a mechanism to reduce silt abstraction;

  • A pump station and pipeline to deliver water to the dam; and

  • An outlet infrastructure at the dam to make measured releases back to the Mzimkhulu River.

Both alternative dam sites fall under the Nyamande Tribal Authority. Apart from the tribal lands, a privately owned commercial farm (Gibraltar 8258) is also situated within the study area, on the southern banks of the Mzimkhulu River. To date both landowners have been formally notified of the proposed project.


How will the system work?

Additional water yield for the system will be generated by pumping and storing water from the Mzimkhulu River during high flow months and incremental yield from the catchment of the OCS dam (relatively small contribution). Water will then be released during low flow months to augment the supply of water being abstracted at St Helen’s Rock. No releases will be made directly for the Ecological Reserve, but by supplying the water demands at St Helen’s Rock, the flow that would normally be abstracted will contribute to the Reserve.

Upgrade of St Helen's Rock Abstraction Works

The Ugu District Municipality intends to upgrade the existing St Helen’s Rock Abstraction Works, which will entail the following:

  • The construction of a weir across the Mzimkhulu River at St. Helen’s Rock for the following purpose–

    • To improve the assurance of supply during low flow and drought periods;

    • To allow for the monitoring of the low flows rates;

    • To improve the management, control and economic use of raw water to be released from the proposed Ncwabeni OCS Dam;

    • To prevent salt water from mixing with the drinking water;

  • Double the peak abstraction rate from 54 Ml/d to 108 Ml/d, in order to meet the growing demand for water of the Ugu District Municipality. This will require an increase in the pumping capacity, with alterations and extensions to the existing pumping station.

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