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Reconciliation Strategy for the Limpopo Water Management Area North


The primary function of the Study Steering Committee (SSC) will be to provide guidance for the development of the Limpopo Water Management Area (WMA) North Reconciliation Strategy and to make sure that the various sectors in the study area are participating in its development.

The SSC was formed in February 2015. This Committee comprises of representatives from all provincial government departments involved in water resources management, the DWS National and Limpopo Regional Offices, District and Local Municipalities, Water Boards and Water User Associations, agriculture, industries and mines as well as conservation organisations and academic institutions. Refer to the figure below for the study governance structure.

Schematic representation of the study participants and functions

The latest organisations and members represented at the SSC can be found at the link List of Members.

The Terms of Reference for the SSC can be found at the link SSC Terms of Reference.

The agendas and minutes of the SSC meetings as well as the presentations delivered at these meetings can be found under Reports Documents.




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