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Stakeholder Engagement

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Stakeholder engagement, underpinned by effective administrative support, is key to the successful implementation of the Strategy. Communication, sharing of information and engagement between members of the DWS, SSC and PSP structures are vital.

The logistics and arrangements of the SSC and other related meetings will be undertaken. Invitations will be distributed to members, with an agenda as well as the relevant documents to be discussed at the meetings. Minutes of meetings will be distributed to members will be provided within two weeks of each meeting.

Directly-involved stakeholders will be informed of the study and its progress through the SSC meetings. Several other sectoral stakeholders (agriculture, industry, local government, domestic users) will be kept informed and engaged in the study. The following activities are planned to keep stakeholders informed:

  • Status Reports: These reports are compiled annually to inform stakeholders of progress with the implementation of the Strategy and of any updates to the Strategy.

  • Progress Reports: These reports provide summarised progress on the activities relating to the Algoa Reconciliation Strategy undertaken during the previous six months.

  • Media releases will be distributed to the media in the Algoa Water Supply System to inform readers and listeners of the maintenance and implementation of the strategy.

  • Access to information: The DWS project web site will publish all project documents to stakeholders to review and comment on.

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