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NORAD Outputs

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Directorate: Surface and Groundwater Information
Private Bag X313
Fax: +27 12 336 6904
E-mail: ngaur@dws.gov.za
The Programme aims at achieving its goals through the development of specific outputs, which is managed by the Department of Water Affairs. These outputs include:
    1. A higher success rate and sustainability in groundwater based community water supply projects.
    2. Raised understanding among decision-makers and water services planners and providers regarding the benefits and the key factors determining the success of community water supply from groundwater.
    3. More efficient and effective information provision for water services development and management from groundwater.
    4. A widespread and measurable recognition of the value of groundwater and the need to protect it through appropriate management measures.
    5. Appropriate technologies for groundwater development widely understood and taken up into water services implementation practice.
    6. Significantly improved groundwater management at local level based on groundwater source monitoring as part of scheme management.
    7. Communities participating actively in the protection of their own groundwater sources.
    8. Improved water supply in rural areas through increased emphasis on groundwater as a resource, a higher success rate in groundwater projects and increased public awareness of the measures needed for the resource to be sustainable.


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