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Upper Vaal Water Management Area


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Strategic Plan
Meetings & Minutes

Forum Management Committee Strategic Plan

Short Term Objectives (0-2yr)

Medium Term Objectives (2-5yr)

Long term Objectives (5yr +)

Admin facilities (office: contact person, postal address, central phone, letterhead, stationary, bank account)

Catchment management strategy  -

- Implementation of integrated Water Management Plan (Quality & Quantity)

Integrated water management (quality & quantity)

Establish FMC structure/roles

- Establish required project committees

Implementation of stakeholder participation plan

Active, committed stakeholder participation

Operational budget


Achieve identified short, medium and long term goals

Define financial requirements e.g.. Membership fees, fundraising, sponsorship

Participate in CMA establishment

Have representation on the CMA

Complete and updated database of stakeholders & I&AP’s (contact list)

Facilitate coaching and development of Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDI's) to ensure effective participation  in FMC

Greater Previously Disadvantaged Individuals representation on FMC

Initiate capacity building projects in schools (ego. Water week, Environmental Day etc)

Implementation of communication plans

Seamless communication from CMA – top to grassroots level

Newsletter (4 over 2 years – incl. Intro to LTF & FMC)

Business plan developed

Realization of business plan

Annual public open days (2 over 2 yrs)

- one/two public awareness campaigns

Fixed income from memberships


Established marketing programs

Forecast in terms of  financial constraints


Finalized ground Water & surface zoning for LT Catchment

Achievement of interim Water Quality Objectives


Finalized Water Quality Objectives for LTF

Gatekeep External influences – capture & communicate


Annual Water Quality Status report



Document known point & diffuse pollution Identify additional “



Implement biomonitoring for LT Cathment



Review existing Forum Terms of Reference



Blue – Financial/Admin Committee (FAC)                      

 Black – Public Relations Committee (PR)                     

Red – Technical Committee (TC)


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