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LTF Terms of Reference

Leeu Taaiboschspruit Forum Terms of Reference

The promulgation of the National Water Act (Act 36 0f 1998) has resulted in the establishment of Water Management Areas (WMAs), as a component of the National Water Resource Strategy. These areas will be managed by Catchment Management Agencies (CMAs). The process to establish a CMA for the Upper Vaal WMA has been initiated and considerable progress has been made in this aspect. The Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment is situated in the Greater Sasolburg area. The Catchment includes the watershed west of the Kromelmboogspruit as the western boundary, the bend in the Vaal River to the east, cutting off just before the Vaal Dam, the Vaal River as the northern boundary, and the Kromelmboogspruit at Edenburg, the southern boundary.


 The success of the CMA, once established will depend largely on effective communication with all the stakeholders in the WMA in order to formulate and implement a Catchment Management Strategy (CMS). On order to achieve effective communication it is imperative that the WMA is comprised of a number of viable and functioning forums. The Upper Vaal WMA is therefore comprised of thirteen forums, of which the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Forum is one. 

The Leeu Taaiboschspruit Forum (LTF) was established in 1994. The forum is attended by mines, industries, farmers, local authorities, non-governmental organizations and Rand Water. The forum also has a well-established Forum Management Committee, which meet regularly. Various working groups have also been formed which focus on specific issues.

 The Leeu Taaiboschspruit Forumís main task will be to co-ordinate water related activities and to facilitate Water Resource Management (WRM). The participation of communities in the protection, use, development, conservation, management and control of the water resource will be promoted through this Forum.

The Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Catchment Forum is defined with respect to:

  • Purpose of the Forum;

  • Functions to be performed by the Forum;

  • Composition and representation on the Forum;

  • Status of decisions and recommendations;

  • Frequency of meetings; and 

  • Administrative support to the Forum.

        A group of concerned people who agreed, on a voluntary basis, to represent different perspectives of society in the CMA

  • A formal structure which is related to the CMA;

  • A place where co-operative and consultative management can take place;

  • A place where the participants gather information and provide/share information about aspects or issues regarding the environment or catchment;

        A body that has the capability to make recommendations to the authorities and the Forum Management Structures on behalf of the broader body of role-players. 

  • A pressure group;

  • An activist body;

  • A body which can prescribe or dictate certain actions to participants; and

  • A decision making body (by law the decision making is the role of the management structure of the CMA e.g. the CMA board and the CMA CEO).


1.                  VISION


To strive towards a healthy, safe and sustainable water environment through pro-active stakeholder participation within the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment


2.                  MISSION STATEMENT


To provide the necessary leadership and expertise for the development and continual improvement of Integrated Water Resource Management for the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment through committed interactive stakeholder participation.



The purpose of the Forum is to:

  • Facilitate and co-ordinate effective Water Resource Management in the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment.

  • Represent the interests of the interested and affected parties of the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment in the various management structures comprising the Upper Vaal CMA. 

  • Provide a Forum where matters of common interest with respect to water resource management in the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment can be discussed.

  • Make specific recommendations on Water Resource Management issues to the authorities and Forum Management structures on behalf of the broader body of role-players.


The following functions are to be performed by the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment Forum:

  • Ensure that the membership of the Forum reflects a broad range of perspectives from different sectors of society and a wide range of interests, and members must serve on it in this light.

  • Ensure that consultation with the broader base of interested and affected parties continues and that they be given the opportunity to comment on the Forumís deliberations and recommendations. 

  • Convene regular Forum Meetings and inform Forum members timeously of such arrangements.

  • Start, maintain and promote a program to raise awareness on Water Resource Management and strategies. 


Membership of the Forum should reflect principles of gender equality and representation of the population in the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment area.

5.1              5.1 Composition of the Forum

The Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment Forum will comprise of a forum of role-players and a Forum Management Committee, which will be complemented by Project Committees responsible for specific functions and tasks.

To adhere to the Forumís purpose of Water Resource Management, the establishment of the following Project Committees are envisaged:

  • Public Relations Committee

  • Technical Committee

  • Financial/Admin Committee

  • Radar scanning committee (track changes to legislation and advise forum on potential implications)

Additional project Committees may be established as the need arises, while existing Project Committees may be dissolved once their task has been completed.

5.2              5.2 Membership of the Forum

Membership of the Forum will be inclusive of all individuals, role-players, stakeholders and interested and affected parties within the catchment area.

Membership of the Forum Management Committee and the Project Committees will be limited to bona fide members of the Forum.

All sectors should be represented at the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment Forum.

Membership fees (where applicable) will be determined by the FMC from time to time.

5.3              5.3 Composition of the Forum Management Committee (FMC) and Project        Committees (PC)

The FMC will consist of a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer and one person to represent the relevant sectors in the catchment. The Forum members will elect the members of the FMC.

The Project Committees will be established by the FMC and members of the PC will be selected according to capabilities to perform the specific task of the PC.

5.4              5.4 Duties and responsibilities of the FMC

The FMC will be responsible to

  • Facilitate communication and understanding between members of the Forum, the Forum Management Committee and various Project Committees, the various government authorities represented, the broader base of stakeholders and interested and affected parties as well as between the Forum and other structure within the CMA.

  • Establish Project Committees and to identify objectives and functions for these committees with respect to Water Resource Management and to co-ordinate the activities of the committees.     

  • Organise all administrative requirements necessary for the functioning of the Forum

  • Oversee, monitor and co-ordinate the activities of the Project Committees and the Forum.

  • Represent the Forum in other structures within the CMA and where necessary also in other instances.

  • Adhere to the Forumís Terms of Reference and other relevant procedures.

5.5              5.5 Period of Appointment

Membership of the FMC will be reviewed on an annual basis. However, to ensure continuity some or all of the initial elected members may be asked to serve voluntarily for a longer period.

5.6              5.6 Observers

The Catchment Forum, the FMC and the PC meetings will be open for observers to attend. The Forum and its structures are fully transparent and all relevant information will be available to observers.

Observers will be permitted to attend meetings based on the following conditions:

  • Observers must provide seven days advance notification of intent to observe in writing to the Secretary of the Forum.

  • Observers will not have the right to cast a vote.

  • Should the observer wish to address a specific issue verbally, written submission to do so should accompany the notification forwarded to the Secretary of the Forum.

  • Observers and members of the Forum will not be allowed to make statements to the media on behalf of the Forum or any of its members. Only the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson of the FMC will be allowed to make statements to the media.

  • The Forum, the FMC and the PC reserve the right to ask observers to excuse themselves from a meeting.

6.                  6. STATUS OF DECISIONS

The Forumís purpose is only to advise, monitor, recommend and to make suggestions to appropriate structures. Recommendations, suggestions and advice from Forum members will be channelled through the FMC to the appropriate CMA structures where final decisions will be taken based on the recommendations received. It is the FMCís responsibility to give feedback of all relevant decisions to the members of the Forum and its structures.

The Forum has the right to take recommendations to the Minister of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry should it be deemed necessary.

The recommendations of the Forum and its structures will be by simple majority. Minority views will be recorded.

7.                  7. FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS

The Forum will meet al least twice annually to review the activities of the FMC and the Various PC.

The Forum will convene an annual public meeting. 

The FMC and the PC will meet on a more frequent basis as deemed necessary.

8.                  8. ADMINISTRATION

It is expected that a Secretary will assist the Forum in the execution of administrative functions. The Secretary will arrange meetings, prepare documentation and record the proceedings of meetings.

9.                  9. FINANCES

The Forum will have the ability to open a bank account in the name of the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment Forum. Two members of the FMC will have signing rights.

The FMC, in co-ordination with the Forum members will be responsible for the generation and management of funds to sustain the Forum. All sectors elected to the FMC will be responsible for contributing towards the sustainability of the Forum.

An annual budget should be compiled and regular reports should be submitted to the Forum members.


The Forum can fund activities as and when its budget allows for this, and only if the proposed activities are in line with the objectives of the Forum and the CMA.


  • Any changes or additions to this TOR must be submitted to the FMC.

  • The submitted document should be circulated to all members of the Forum.

  • A majority vote at a Forum meeting will secure approval for changes or additions.

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