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What is the LTF?
LTF Structure

Leeu Taaiboschspruit Forum Structure

LTF Structure

The Leeu Taaiboschspruit Forum or LTF is managed by the Forum Management Committee or FMC. The FMC are elected to serve in this role by the LTF. However the FMC does also report to the LTF.

The four working committees, namely the Public Relations Committee, the Financial/Admin Committee, the Technical Committee and the Radar Scanning Committee all report to both the LTF and the FMC. These committees were established by the FMC and are mandated to perform specific functions.

The main functions of the various committees are as follows:

  • Forum Management Committee (FMC)

The FMC is responsible for the strategic planning of the LTF. This committee maintains a Strategic Plan, which defines the main objectives and functions of the LTF as well as short, medium and long-term objectives. The FMC has established the four working committees and have mandated each one to perform very specific functions. The FMC does however require ratification on key decisions from the LTF.

  • Public Relations Committee (PR)

The PR committee is responsible for devising, implementing and maintaining the marketing strategy for the LTF. The main goal of this committee is to ensure all sectors are properly represented on the LTF, as well as building capacity within the Catchment.

The PR committee does this through maintaining this website, publishing LTF Newsletters as well as holding Open Days. This committee also maintains a list of Interested and Affected Parties (I&APís) within the Catchment.

  • Financial/Admin Committee (FAC)

The Financial/Admin Committee is responsible for managing the Forum bank account, and keeps a complete record of all documentation produced by the LTF, FMC and the four working committees. This committee also maintains a list of all the members of the LTF and the various committees.

  • Technical Committee (TC)

The Technical Committee manages water monitoring within the Catchment, and assesses the data obtained. One of the most important tasks of the TC is to set and regularly review both surface and groundwater water quality objectives. This committee is additionally responsible for detecting water quality impacts and issues within the Catchment. The TC also runs and participates in various technical projects and evaluates reports, Terms of Reference for studies and other technical documentation.

  • Radar Scanning Committee (RS)

This committee is chiefly responsible for tracking changes in water-related legislation and informing the LTF on the implications of these changes.

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