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What is the LTF?
LTF Structure

Leeu Taaiboschspruit Forum Charter


To strive towards a healthy and safe water environment that is sustainable for all use through pro-active stakeholder participation within the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment

To provide the necessary leadership and expertise for the development and continual improvement of Integrated Water Resource Management for the Leeu Taaiboschspruit catchment through committed interactive stakeholder participation

  • Openness and transparency
  • Respect for people and the 

  • Commitment

  • Innovation 

  • Agility

  • Strive for excellence in all we do

  • To promote the protection, use, development, conservation and management of water resources within the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Catchment

  • The identification and participation of all stakeholders within the Catchment, which may impact the water quality within the Catchment

  • The development of an integrated water management structure for the Catchment, which will provide for sustainable utilization of water resources impacted by all stakeholders within the Catchment

  • To develop and implement short, medium and long term goals for a water resource strategy for the Catchment

  • Facilitate adequate participation within the Catchment Management Agency for the Upper Vaal Water Management Area

  • The Leeu Taaiboschspruit Forum is a non-profitable organization, consisting of stakeholders actively participating in sustainable water resource management for the Catchment

  • Committed stakeholders include government departments, industries, mines, non-governmental organizations, local authorities, water service providers and the general public

  • Forum meetings are held quarterly and allow all stakeholders to actively participate in the sustainable water resource management in the Catchment

  • For further information regarding the Leeu Taaiboschspruit Forum, please contact the chairman or vice-chairman

Chairperson: Forum 
Date: 23 January 2003

Chairperson: Forum Management Committee
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