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VAG Valves South Africa Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers VAG's journey from a traditional manufacturing company to a modern solutions provider has surely not gone unnoticed. At the end of our journey, we retained the traditional aspects that make us a strong valve manufacturer, namely a wide range of proven products and the know-how of a highly experienced crew. On our way, however, we took new aspects onboard such as courage, inventiveness, initiative and motivation. They not only help us extend our know-how, they also enable us to offer our customers solutions no-one else can. Like Columbus, we don’t wait for our customers to discover us but set off on a journey to discover the new world in search of new challenges and new solutions. We set new standards in quality and service. Our priority is manufacturing excellence. Innovative and customised solutions continuously enrich our product range. But taking a new course does not mean that we threw important values overboard. We are, and will remain, a mid-sized customer-focussed company. For us, trust and personal service are not just empty words. The wind in our sails is the wind of change. We have listened to our customers and set sail on our journey. We are dedicated to defining new standards in water and wastewater products. We are dynamic, responsible and full of new ideas. Join us on our voyage to the new world. We will find a solution also for your application, doesn't matter if you need our experience in water control, wastewater or valve service

Valcon Kwazulu Natal (PTY) LTD. Other Valcon Kwazulu Natal is a supplier and distributor of many industrial valves. Valcon imports industrial valves and instrumentation from mainly the USA, Europe and India to service the Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Sugar and Water Works industries in Southern Africa. 90% of all our clientele is blue chip. The company was established in 1992 and subsequently in 2000, we established our Durban Division VALVE SUPPLIER AND DISTRIBUTOR OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS AND PRODUCTS: DELVAL BUTTERFLY VALVES VENT-O-MAX KV GATE VALVES AST SAFETY RELIEF VALVES CDC Bursting discs-USA LVF API forged ball, gate, globe, and check valves-small bore- Italy HH Cast gate, globe, check, and parallel slide valves-large bore-UK Groth Tank protection equipment- USA Narvik-Yarway De-super heaters and level indicators- Holland Fluid Kinetics Silencers-USA ControlAir I/P transducers and precision air regulators- USA EST Pipe plugging equipment- Holland / USA Schroedahl Feed Pump Re-Circulation Valves, & control valves- Germany

Vela VKE Other Consulting Engineers

Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies (Pty) Ltd Other A holistic water and wastewater treatment company, offering a full range of services, from turnkey contracting for large and small projects, to speciality chemicals for the industrial and municipal markets

Vhembe District Municipality Other Water Service Authority

VOX Group Consultants Engineering Consultancy

VR Environmental Consultants Other Provide technical expertise to the water and waste management industry. Provide Project Management services for bulk work projects Provide Isokinetic Sampling Services for compliance monitoring PM10 and SO2 measurement AEL Applications Basic Assessments

Vulamanzi Water Management Systems (Pty) Ltd International Agencies and Institutions > METROLOGY -Water audits & balancing. -Pressure management. -Data logging & Analysis. -In-situ testing. -Meter selection, sizing. -Testing water meters to SANAS 1529. -Implementation of Quality Systems & Regulations. > MECHANICAL -Pump Maintenance. -PRV Maintenance. -Meter Maintenance > Automatic Meter Reading (Installation & Management) > Bulk & Domestic Water Meter Supply

VUSI NOMANDLA Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Supplier of water purification chemicals