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RACC Innovation Technologies Academia, Scientific, Technology and Research RACC holds the representation of the Spanish company called Tecnoturbines and their Patented Technology to produce Energy out of excess of pressure in existing water systems. Also has a division to do geophysical surveys looking for water, minerals or any ground contamination detection.

Rand Water Govt incl Govt Agencies & Municipalities Suppliers of Bulk Potable water to municipalities

Rare Construction International Agencies and Institutions General Construction specialising in water

Rekaofela youth development organization (RYDO) NGOs Rekaofela youth development organization (NPO:073-850) is a youth formation was established in 2009 in terms of implementing direct youth development projects in the gauteng province and other neighbouring provinces.

Reuben Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Issuing Id Document

Reveltio Solutions Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Reveltio Solutions was created with the focus on water conservation with the start of RevliFlush, RevliDome and RevliSol as utility's and service. To help maximum saving on input cost and get better results’. By saving water and money, we are growing

River-Wise Other Aquatic&Wetland Ecologists River-Wise offers specialist freshwater studies. Our expertise focuses on ecological assessments for surface and ground water-linked systems. Our extensive combined experience is complemented by additional expertise in the fields of GIS and Hydrology. Together, our 21 years of collective experience enable us to provide a wide range of water resource related services and keeps us ahead in the field of water related research. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a consistent, ethical and superior quality of service. We also conduct specialist Biodiversity & Ecological Assessments & Specialist Vegetation studies.

ROK Stars Plc Other ROK Stars is a marketing company developing products and brands that have game-changing potential within their sector.

Ron Beard Associates International Agencies and Institutions Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers

Roney Hoffmann Consultants cc Consultants Process design Laboratory for water & waste water tests Operators training Routine monitoring

Ruby May Trading Other Supply,general construction

Runrite Electronics Other Supply of Health & Safety and Industrial instrumentation including Alcolizer Breathalysers, Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Mag Flow Meters and any instrumentation to do with Temperature, Flow, Level and Pressure. Also supply of Instrumentation for the solar industry, Moisture analysers, thickness measurement and Load Cells. Owners of Zenith Instruments, panel mount indicators and controllers.

Rural Water Supply Network International Agencies and Institutions A Global Knowledge Network for Cost-efficient Rural Water Technologies to serve the Poor.