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Karabo Community Development Centre NGOs Karabo Community Development Centre is a new non-profit charity organization project that was established on the 13 January 2016 due to the urgent needy in the community. We look after underprivileged children with disabilities, orphans and vulnerable children who have lost both parents from HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis (TB), Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, and other diseases. The organization is working with children, youth, senior citizens and foreigners. The organization is recognized by the government and honored with an NPO Certificate by the Department of Social Development. The services of Karabo Community Development Centre include seven programmes namely: Home-Based Care, Support Group, Education/Awareness, Stress Relief, Educational Tours, Sports, Food Gardening and Poverty Alleviation.

KLOMAC Superior Chlorinators Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers KLOMAC Superior Chlorinators specialises in the supply, installation and maintenance of Chemical Injection into water systems. We specialise in Water Treatment Plants as well as Waste Water Treatment Plants

Knight Piesold Consulting International Agencies and Institutions We are an international company of consulting engineers and environmental scientists who focus on addressing your needs. We work throughout the world providing innovative solutions for our clients that respect social, environmental and economic responsibilities while creating an exciting, challenging and rewarding work experience for our team.

K-Pack Water Technology SA International Agencies and Institutions K-PACK Water Technology SA,is in association and have the technical support of K-PACK Water Technologies BV in the Netherlands, being a leading Wastewater Treatment Company in Europe and global supplier since the 1970’s. We specialize in Wastewater Treatment. Using standard modular equipment being selected from design parameters that are established by Jar Tests and Chemical Analysis of wastewater samples and including a chemical program, we can supply you with a cost-effective solution for treating your wastewater to comply with the relevant local government by-laws. In addition we supply custom-made solutions and secondary treatment systems

Krohne (Pty) Ltd International Agencies and Institutions Manufacturer and Supplier of flow and level instrumentation

KSB Pumps and Valves Pty Ltd Other OEM Manufacturer of Pumps and Valves for Water and Waste Water applications

KUNGAWO DEVELOPMENTcc Training Research, Infrastructure & ISD Training and Facilitation and HR Development & Planning

KUSASA HEALTHCARE (PTY)LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers We are a medical related supply, manufacturer, maintenance and repairs organisation. We believe in making healthcare affordable to the nations.

KV3 Engineers International Agencies and Institutions Consulting Engineering Company offering civil, mechanical and electrical consulting services to public and private organisations.