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H2O International Tygervalley International Agencies and Institutions Supplier of water filtration and purification technology.

Hangzhou Laison Technology Co. Ltd. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Hangzhou LAISON Technology Co. Ltd., is a company focus on smart water metering and gas metering. Now LAISON is most widely used Prepaid Water Meter Brand IN Africa. LAISON is a leading company in the exporting of smart water meters and smart gas meters, the exporting mainly in the Africa, Asia and Middle east countries, such as South Africa, Egypt, Zambia, Malawi, Angola, Indonesia etc. Around 20 overseas countries and around 10 million USD in 2018. In South Africa, the customers include Enbaya Meter, G1GAS, Energy Audit, Connect Africa etc. The smart water or gas metering solution including the STS AMI Prepaid water meters, NBIoT/LoRa/GPRS/Bluetooth smart meters etc., which could integrate with local mobile money payment platform. If you interested to know more details about the solution, you may visit LAISON company website.

Hans Bosch Consulting Engineers International Agencies and Institutions Consulting Engineering practice

HEINLO Projects (SIRAC GNR trading as) Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Turnkey Heating & cooling solutions Heat Pumps, Air conditioning, Hot water ring main systems, Plumbing, Low pressure (hot water) storrage vessels, Hot water vessels, Service , Maintenance

Humphrey Engineering Contractors (Pty)Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering Contractors & General Building Contractors.

Hwa engineers and project managers Other