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Organisation Name Organisation Type Organisation Description Details
Delta Built Environment Consultants Consultants Civil Engineering Consultants

Demca Actuation Solutions Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Suppliers of Electric Actuators

Department of Defence International Agencies and Institutions

department of justice International Agencies and Institutions government sector

Department of Water and Sanitation Govt incl Govt Agencies & Municipalities The Department of Water and Sanitation is the custodian of South Africa`s water resources and sanitation. It is primarily responsible for the formulation and implementation of policy governing these two sectors. It also has override responsibility for water services provided by local government. While striving to ensure that all South Africans gain access to clean water and safe sanitation, the water sector also promotes effective and efficient water resources management to ensure sustainable economic and social development.

Development Bank of Southern Africa International Agencies and Institutions Financial Institution

DFC Water (Pty) Ltd International Agencies and Institutions Valve manufacturer - Vent-O-Mat air release valves Cla-Val control valves Cla-Val pressure managment controls Vosa wedge gate isolating valves


Dikubu International Agencies and Institutions

Dinoko and associates pty ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Supplier of goods and services using relevant procurement strategies to acquire quality goods and services

DIPHETSA TECH.CC Other I am a tv technician who likes to invent and improve existing products to be more green.

Diphororo Development (Pty) Ltd Consultants Social Development Consultancy: social surveys; social facilitation; EIA; EMP; training of trainers

Diversified Enterprise COMPLEX 1 Ltd. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Professional manufacturer of modular bolted tanks made of stainless steel and of galvanized steel. We use unique technologies and modern equipment for providing worldwide best solutions for storage of potable water, technical water, wastewater, rainwater harvesting, firefighting water, beverages and other liquids and bulk products. Our tanks are widely used at industrial enterprises, food-processing industries, municipalities, hotels, resorts, residential complexes, private residences, airports, shopping centers, malls and so on.

Dorema Travel T/A Ultimate Travel Other Provision of Turnkey Travel Management and other Travel-related services

Dovecall Green Technology Pty Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers we provide recycled sewage treatment plant and potable water purification plant

Drain Blasters. Fat-Traps. Organic Cleaning International Agencies and Institutions Drain Blasters, is a well established service company based in Sea Point Cape Town. Since .... we have forged a reputation of being innovative and pro-active in our service. Driven by the flagrant abuse of our sewage and storm water systems and the resultant pollution we now have 2 new divisions: Fat-Traps: One of the biggest culprits we identified in the pollution of our water systems is illegal dumping of oil and grease into drains. It is legislated that all establishments using oil and grease must have fat -traps. This until recently was hardly ever enforced. We supply and service fat-traps. Organic Cleaning: This entity supplies environmentally friendly alternatives and innovative solutions. Waterless Urinal - Saves an estimated 200 000 lts per year - per urinal! Cleaning products - Substitutes (price and performance) for the every day cleaners, harsh in their make-up. Eco-Tab - Rehabilitating foul water. Industrial and residential applications.

DWEA International Agencies and Institutions Department of Water and Enviroment Affiars

Dynaform Other Pipe fabrication, laying, welding and coating contractors