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MM Sebaka EPCM (Pty) Ltd's Details

Organisation Name: MM Sebaka EPCM (Pty) Ltd
Organisation Type: Consultants
Organisation Description: MM Sebaka EPCM (Pty) Ltd is a 100% BEE and proudly South African company, specializing in procurement, construction, engineering design and project management. Our core focus is in the Water Treatment, Mining, Oil and Gas industries and we have the expertise to conduct all aspects of mineral processing for various minerals throughout all project cycles. The quality of our work enables us to offer our clients professional expertise of global standard without compromising on safety. Water is a scarce resource in South Africa and we strive to assist municipalities to attain blue drop and green drop by trouble shooting the treatment processes and coming up with cost effective solutions.
Organisation Telephone: 078 409 4054
Organisation Fax: 0866700458
Web site address: