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Organisation Name: WATERMASTER
Organisation Type: Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers
Organisation Description: Watermaster is specifically designed multipurpose dredger for shallow water environment such as; small rivers, lakes, ponds, basins and seashores. The maximum working depth is about 6,3 meters. Watermaster multipurpose water construction machine works where no other machines can operate. It has an excellent mobility and is suitable for numerous applications, for example: • Environmental work : Cleaning and maintenance of dams, lakes, ponds, rivers, canals., Removal of vegetation & litter. Flood prevention • Industrial work: Waste ponds cleaning and mining applications. • Civil engineering work: Deepening work, piping and cable work, maintenance work. Moving Watermaster is easy. The machine is transportable as complete unit on public roads. It can load and unload by itself and "walk" in and out of water without crane assistance. When it is in water it cruises to the site using its own propulsion system. Anchoring and moving at the working site is also independent, so no wire-cables, separate anchors or assisting vessels are needed. Watermaster reduces investment, operational and maintenance costs, since one machine can do the work of many separate machines. Water master technology is sturdy and reliable. COMPANY PROFILE: Aquamec Ltd. specializes in marketing, developing and manufacturing machines under brand name Watermaster. Watermaster is an amphibious multipurpose dredger for all shallow water work. Watermaster technology is currently solving shallow water challenges with hundreds of units in over 60 countries worldwide, including African continent, such as maintenance of process- and wastewater ponds and recovering of valuable materials in mines and enrichment plants, restoring shallow waterways and shores, preventing floods, removing vegetation, cleaning polluted urban canals and construction work in water environment.
Organisation Telephone: 082 4158201
Organisation Fax: 0217882123
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