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Maskam Water's Details

Organisation Name: Maskam Water
Organisation Type: Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers
Organisation Description: Maskam Water provides customers with turn-key solutions, by importing a wide range of water related products from the USA and Europe. Maskam Water Dealers in each country are trained to sell these products, design systems to their customer’s needs and provide the necessary backup service. The Clarus Fusion is a domestic sewage treatment plant (STP) with full nitrification and de-nitrification processes used in conventional municipal STPs. Organic type industrial water can be treated with this plant. Designed for urban areas, the Clarus Fusion is a compact three stage activated sludge treatment plant, where the recycling of water and sludge for the nitrification and de-nitrification processes is valve-operated and aeration is controlled by an air pump, which may be powered by solar or mains electrical connection. Waste water goes into the sedimentation chamber or anaerobic zone which separates solid and grease waste. From there, the wastewater moves into the anoxic zone which is filled with suspended media, and then into another aeration chamber with membranes that enlarge the surface area for bacteria activity. Wastewater then moves through to the clarifier. UV, chlorine or a combination of both is used post-treatment to sterilise the water. Effluent is then discharged into a natural stream, used for irrigation or greywater reuse.
Organisation Telephone: 086 129 2837
Organisation Fax: 021 988 0552
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