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Organisation Name: WATER CONNECTIONS
Organisation Type: Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers
Organisation Description: Supplier of water, energy and money saving bathroom products. Water Connections began in 1997 as a marketing company based in the Cape Province for the distribution of quality plumbing products and components. We were then agents for a number of companies as well as the company Churrasco which was owned and directed by a Swiss National, Mr Felix Gerber. Mr. Felix Gerber had already, established and well known European and Asian companies who were manufacturing products and components to the entire world. It is through this partnership that Mr. Junade Sheik and Mr. Felix Gerber introduced some very innovative and now commonly used products in South Africa. Amongst these products are the SABS Approved Stainless Steel flexi braided hoses used for water connections on almost all bathroom and basin applications. We also introduced some of the most reliable and highest quality angle valves made in Germany and DZR service valves for use all over South Africa. Water quality and pressure all taken into account.
Organisation Telephone: +27 21 447 0985/84
Organisation Fax: +27 86 539 1789
Web site address: