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Tarsicel CC's Details

Organisation Name: Tarsicel CC
Organisation Type: Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers
Organisation Description: By way of background, let me take this opportunity to introduce our company, Tarsicel. Tarsicel is a 100% black owned company focusing in water and wastewater treatment plants and the supply of chemicals, consumables and services to the water and wastewater treatment market. The rationale for exploring opportunities in the water and sanitation space is also driven by our wish to work with in improving operational efficiency for instant reduction in water leakage, continuity of water supply, improve revenue collection, water conservation audits and solutions (valves and hydrant audits), meter management programme (new meter installation, repairs and replacements of domestic and bulk water), pressure management, pipe replacement, retrofitting and commissioning, non revenue water assessments etc.
Organisation Telephone: 0833003659
Organisation Fax: 0864586357