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IZUMRUD SOUTH AFRICA - Water Purification & Disinfection's Details

Organisation Name: IZUMRUD SOUTH AFRICA - Water Purification & Disinfection
Organisation Type: Other
Organisation Description: The provision of Clean but Healthy water is essential in South Africa. The Government and Communities have a responsibility to secure a safe health and hygiene environment for everyone and to introduce only the best to our own people and to our neighbours on the continent of Africa. IZUMRUD is the world leader in the technology of healthy water for humans, animals and wherever water is essential for the sustainability of life. An invitation to especially our Municipalities to investigate what IZUMRUD from Russia is offering could make a substantial difference. The product has gone through the scientific powerhouses of the world and the fact that Bird Flu can now be stopped is one of the many applications that the Russians are now offering us through our SA based company, IZUMRUD SOUTH AFRICA. We cater for Agriculture, Medical,Industrial usage and the results on international level speaks for itself. The product was tested in South Africa with flying colors!
Organisation Telephone: 018 293 1891
Organisation Fax: 018 293 1891